600g Knowledge Transfer not counting story/rest of the continents?


Not sure if this is just me… But I used the knowledge transfer from the Stronghold that I payed 600g for. I used this on 2 characters but the progression of my account is not shown on that character…

If I open the adventure tab, it has all the areas locked like I never been to them except Rethramis and North Vern… Is this intended or is this just simply bugged?

28d days old thread with no answer. Now after checking my char who did 2 knowledge transfers ( North Vern and Rohendel) its the same. What can we do about it? Other chars have every zone 30-70% up to Feiton.

Just visit the continents. All triports you got on your main should be active and the continent will be added.

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Sorry for the late answer. This worked for me. Thumbs up.