60hz vs 144hz instant dc

hello, im not sure only me or not, instant dc when using 144hz refresh rate, no dc even once when i switch to 60hz. this happen after weekly maintanence. thoughts?

Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community, pherull. That is extremely strange. Are you playing fullscreen?

I play on 144hz no issues. Specs are as follows:

β—‹ I7-9700k
β—‹ Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 SC
β—‹ 32GB of Corsair Vengence Ram
β—‹ Gigabyte Mobo.

Thanks for letting us know you’re not having this issue. Every bit of info helps.

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w/e this game is not optimize for 144Hz, you can try but never reach 144ips stab (if you use
but your problem still strange …