6,742 Queue...guess I won't be playing today

Yup that’s right, went to login at 5:22 AM PST and got hit with a 6,742. So is this being addressed at all?


Hope you are enjoying the game :smiley: Just move to another server if you don’t want to wait.


why the rage … VPN is banned so servers must be lighter now … less real players around


I don’t think this is a solution lol

When we had 15-20k queues on EUC it was up to 6-8 hours waiting… 6k seems fine… Time for cooking and stuff :rofl:

Missed the joke. When we had 10-20K Q-s on EU, NA people told us to just move servers.


Oh no, I caught the sarcasm for sure. I can’t believe that queue times this long aren’t even being addressed. This is crazy! Maybe I’ll just re-visit the game in a year or two after the initial rush wears off.

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if you can’t log in is because you don’t deserve to.
bots have priority obviously


imagine tomorrow on weekends :frowning:

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Amazon : ‘‘you wanna log in? no problem, just be a bot’’

nothing diffrence…it’s bots x))

Did you see his server? It’s Rohendel, it’s not a populated server, never had queues even from launch until last week.


this game should change the name to LOSTQUEUING

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I think they need to remove more gold creation from bots because you know, less gold per bot means less bots right?

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Hmm, I think they should change this game into paid game on Steam, only for 5 usd to buy Lost Ark (and maybe add some gift to the game after purchase?)

Since the trusted Steam account system is blocking bot from using ingame Mail and personal trading service, then bots all find new way on Auction House system to trade their items, and we don’t have any “reasonable” restriction on Auction house base on Steam trusted yet.
If we make this game to a paid game, bot won’t be able to afford the cost to buy the game every single time they create new bot / account. Or at least, find a reasonable way to also restrict “not trusted Steam account” from using Auction House too.

This is my opinion, idk, it could be bad, but sure that will stop bots.


No the joke is that you still live in EU :smiley:

5,5k Qs on Una too, at 11:35, crazy.

Finally, US get why we were so upset ^^ Now you can enjoy the seagulls. oh, wait. No seagulls for you, bois :stuck_out_tongue: As EUC player I have no compassion at all for Queues this small regardless of the reason.

i’m a bit surprise how so few people (botters) can be blocking so many players from a product made by Amazon/Smilegate.

Sad to see it.

No one asked for your compassion. Enjoy your two servers for the entire continent (with your ru brethren since their server is dead).