$68 bucks lost due to poor communication from Amazon

on Feb 11th I bought the starter pack when it initially came out. On Steam and Amazon pages, it had very little information about the packs. Nothing to included at the time with the skin only being available to one character. Or the fact that the entire package once redeemed, was stuck to individual servers.

Here is proof of how little information Steam had initially. I don’t have proof of the Amazon store page at the time :c

So me being ignorant, I redeemed the starter pack on a server I wasn’t going to originally stay on, thinking it was account bound. Then when my friend’s server opened up, I noticed I had nothing from the Vanquisher’s starter pack. So I went back to amazon’s sell page and steam and it was different. It had a lot more information it didn’t have previously. I saw that there were no refunds on the digital purchase. So I contacted Amazon CS via chat and here is how the conversation went.

To say the least, I was infuriated and I did my best not to take it out on them. I then called Amazon CS, when I asked them if I was out of $68 bucks. They told me verbatim “It is what it is.” Between the lack of information, crappy CS, improper decision making, it was the last straw for me.

So for feedback from Amazon and Smilegate, I have an easy list.

A. At least the Starter packs should have the same treatment as the Founder’s pack. With so many server issues going on and with servers opening back up so people can play with friends, yall should do this. Otherwise, people are literally wasting money.

B. Provide a server transfer of characters and items that have redeemed the starter packs.

C. Allow refunds if you can’t do the top 2.

If there is no response from Amazon/Smilegate about this in the next 24 hours. I’m just going to contact the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection due to the unfair, deceptive business practices of Amazon.

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Yep, alot of this misleading or lack of information scamming going around. They arn’t offering refunds or any compensation after close to stealing your money through lack of information.

What blows my mind is that due to the negative reviews on all starter packages via steam and amazon, they were able to change the page information WITHIN A DAY. But not address this issue on the forums.

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