6K que at 6 AM Sunday US west Enviska

Currently waiting in a 7k wait myself. This game becomes less fun by the day sadly. Ive seen the same bot I reported months ago still doing vern chaos to this day. They say they ban but they dont do shit in reality. Love to see it


I don’t think this is necessary but…

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

I think that higher population NA West servers should only allow trusted steam accounts, since these cannot be mass created constantly (requires min 30 days).

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Yep waiting on 7k queue as well… Yesterday missed some dailies because couldnt log in in time before reset.

If queue is not fixed in a day or two I doubt I will bother with this shitshow. And if I stop bothering for a few days, I guess my FOMO will die out with it as well. Without fomo I dont see LA being able to maintain its human playerbase to be honest.


At this point which of these threads do you post in? So sad to see a new game in the west consumed by botting and rmt. Guess it’s pick your poison and cheat your face off these days…prolly back to solo games for me

Nothing like waiting for a que of 6k this late on a sunday, who knew this was prime gaming time? Oh wait, its the “automated players” that no one is doing a damn thing about…

Some tips from EU guys from our queue times.

Teamviewer in phone so you can start the game and queue from work and be ready as you come home.

When you go on a boat in you stronghold and enable autorun you character will not be logged out ever, because he is running and also changing position.

Use wife/kids to start game early until you get home :slight_smile:

GL , we feel you.

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Teamviewer can i use this program in lost ark? i think i will get banned for it

just use it to start queue, then quit.

nice. so many leggit players trying to play that non legit players cant even get in to a game. so now 2h wait.

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I haven’t been able to play since Saturday morning, the queues on Enviska are so bad.

It’s 6:18AM on a Monday morning and the queue is 9K+.

Looks like I won’t be playing today, either.

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@Roxx @Shadow_Fox can we please get some notice from a CM here so we can feel seen about this. I know you always talk about working on the bot problem but something happened this past 3 days that have made US West literally unplayable. Everyday the queue gets longer. There’s a queue at all times of the day. We have to delay raid runs because people have to wait an hour in queue once they get off work and can’t make raid times anymore. I can’t play in the morning before work at all.

Everything posted on this forums aside this is your most important issue you need to ne working on. People WILL quit if they literally cannot play the game.

Remember when these CMs and whatnot promised us more communication?

What a joke.


I logged out, freed up a spot - hopefully one of you get it. I can’t wait until I have to do another 8k queue when I come back to play again…yeah…it is just SO much more fun than the actual game. Watching those numbers roll down…best part of my day!


At this point I find it hard to believe there are still people arguing that these are all legit players…I can’t fathom the logic going through their heads…except maybe denial.


they don’t care , they never respond to these Post. Its utter bullshit how much Amazon does not give a damn about its player base. and only care about the Bots. Hell SM Bragged about all the player they have on U.S servers

yeah i can no longer play in the morning due to ques.

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this game has to be the biggest Joke in MMO history , never have i ever seen a game so controlled and destoryed by Bots and RMT and game company just refuses to do anything about it.


Lol its 7:50 right now was trying to pop on and do a few things before work faking que is 11k for me wtf.

and we still have people making threads asking what’s so bad about RMTs, 9600+ for me. I’m just about done no game is worth this. They want these bots there can be no question of that anymore. Soon that will be all that is left.

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They could literally just push people through the queue if they have crystalline aura. Do bots buy crystalline aura? At this point I just want the game to have a subscription which it already does. Use it.

My friends f2p he bought the bronze pack to play on the day start and he buys crystalline aura because the game sucks without it. Almost every player who’s sucked into playing this game has it at least.