6k que now on a not so populated server

I mean, clearly this problem has been discussed to the ground.

I am quite certain that nobody wants to talk about it again and again and again and again, but in 3 months we go from not having any ques to having a 3-7k que at 11pm on a weekday, and we all know this isn’t because of “new players surge”

With the rate this goes, the game will be literally unplayable fairly quickly. I don’t care what the roadmap looks like if every time I open the game there’s a 3k que.

I guess my question for AGS is, despite all the copy-pasted response you have given for 3 straight months- do you feel like you are showing quality of “Customer obsession”, “Biased for actions” or “Insist on the Highest Standards”?? I am really curious what’s happening in your studio tbh - Are you hitting your goals?? Do you guys feel like you are doing a great job here upholding Amazon’s standard??

I am honestly amazed if no one is getting piped there, but what do I know