6x weekly dungeon/abyssal claim (change)

Why not make it so all 6 can be claimed on the same character as outside of gear materials what difference does it actually make? Would also give people an option to play it on their main while also allowing them to help out friends/guildies. I dont really see a negative. Not everyone want to force themselves to push a class they dont enjoy for the sake of just sending items to that main anyway.

Are you talking about running the dungeon 6 times on your main?

Yes. I dont see a downside really cause all your doing is running it on an alt and storaging materials etc to go to said main anyway. Also in KR gear materials are/were tradeable.

??? what?

Brain fart

Because that would defeat the purpose of having to hone alts to a specific ilvl to be able to obtain more weekly gold. Also there are 2 different difficulties of abyss dungeon, which award 2 different amounts of gold. Youre basically asking to rid of a process that is intended to have alts and incentivize bringing alts up to a specific ilvl for more gold and resources a week.

The game is based around a roster system.

That would remove the whole point of playing alts… the Director WANTS you to play alts so this will never happen.

The downside is they make less money. They want you to make alts and equip them and hopefully spend to push their ilevel.

just remove the 6 character limit. then we get more raw gold. This is the same logic as to why you need more characters to get the abyssal gold. You need to put in the effort to get the reward you want.

No. The director wants you to play how you want and enjoy your time while also taking a break if you need to which has been said many times. Not once has he said “i want people to play 12 alts”. Could be wrong, mind finding me the quote?

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Yes, play to what you can tolerate and take breaks. Hes telling you to play at your own pace. Also using an overexaggerated example doesnt help in making a point.

if you aren’t willing to put in the time, you shouldn’t be asking for much. if i were you i would delete this post. like straight up i had to read this thing over to see if i actually understood what i just saw

Would love a quote where he insists you play alts as i cant find it.

The game is heavily designed around alts so yeah, he wants you to play alts. Doesn´t mean u have to play 12 alts everyday but playing some of them over the week with rested bonus is definitely not as much of a time investment as most ppl think.

I dont need a quote,. its literally common sense. Every veteran KR player/streamer/youtuber tells you to play in this manner. They all have alts. You need alts for more resources. It’s a core part of the game. It’s not changing. Get over it.

I think its just for gold and you can still enter with all characters and get items BUT no gold.
If someone knows for sure gonna be great.

Ive got 6 characters at 1415+ so “effort” isnt the issue but theres also no denying i probably only enjoy playing 2 of those the others just feel like work. Right now your forced to play a character like it or not when its just as simple to have the 6 entries shared.

What are you talking about

Ok so want the same rewards for a ilvl 380 as a 1370?

u can enter abyss dungeons on 6 of ur characters. If u are 1445 u will not get Gold from Oreha but u can still enter to get the other mats.