6x weekly dungeon/abyssal claim (change)

Your example would work for you, but not for the entire playerbase. How can you not see that? This is the dumbest thread Ive seen in a long time.

okay so you have 6 at 1415+ meaning you don’t really care about spending money in this game which means you shouldn’t be needing that 6x gold limit at all. then just stick to what ever character you want and play it

What? Where did you even get that from? Obviously ilvl gates would still apply, i thought that part would have been implied.

Sorry I just re-read it.
Now I dont think its a good idea

How would it apply if youre able to do it 6x on one character?
Youre just incentivizing the ability to get gold from a run 6x off one character at appropriate ilvl.

lol, this is funny cause the game is not based on any system at all. It’s a complete mess and badly designed.

And the game is not even Roster Based. Everything is character bound. You can’t even transfer a piece of gear to another character.

What you mean is “The game forces you to restart another hero completely independent of other heroes so you keep spending money for that one too”.

The downside is the progression on a single character would eventually greatly surpass the content release schelude creating “content draught” which is a huge problem in most MMOs.

Hardly when most things are character bound but thats a different thread altogether.

Content draught is a thing anyway when we catch up and updates are every 6 months.


You can, it just costs pheons. There are plenty of available resources that are roster bound. Telling me that 25-30 leapstones from alts daily isnt advantageous is just straight up dumb. Alts provide more silver, gold, and resources to you. Not everything needs to be roster bound in the game. If everything was roster bound, it would completely break the balance of progression within this game and alt characters would be completely broken to have. If you cant see that, youre completely short sighted.

Yes, not like the game gave you 2 free power passes at the start, a punika pass, and an express event. What are you even saying?

Things are character bound when they are meant for a specific character. Think about how broken the progression in this game would be if everything was roster bound. Youre literally justifying it to be okay to obtain 90+ leapstones a day to one character. Youre incentivizing people the ability to progress their alts in line with their main character with little to no effort.

All that would result in is nerfed dropped quantities of materials in chaos dungeon, guardian raid, and unas task.

Things that are character bound are only character bound in THIS region. Heres an example, in KR etc you can literally sell your argos materials and gear to players to break down into leapstones. Next arguement please.

Youve provided one example.
Argos isnt relevant in KR.

Everything else functions the same in KR.
Nobody uses Argos as an example for anything, because Argos is literally trash content to begin with.

Honestly this is false, pretty much everything thats bound here is unbound in korea, ive been playing that version for 2 years. When argos and valtan were new we used to sell the materials when we got a completed set. Your arguing points that a region specific to us as an arguement against mine when it makes zero difference.

No its not, you clearly have NEVER played KR.
Stop typing this kind of misinformation.

Just like botting is a thing anyway in a F2P, they both should be taken very seriously. Especially botting, it is a huge financial loss for the game company.

Okay. Seen as your entire presence on the forum is literally to just disagree with people and waffle cod sht ill not be having any more back and forth with you. You’re wrong.


I agree with you OP…some decisions in this game are like really stupid…6x Abyss on different chars, 2x Guardians instead of 1x, 2x Chaos instead of 1x, so many stupid things…game will die soon…unsatisfied players will leave the game…

No they’re not all the same. Why did you go out of your way to say it like that