7 chaos dungeons runs , no tier 3 pants after hitting 1100

So after spending gold and crystal to finally hit 1100, I was excited to finally hit 1302 and be able to do t3 content with my friends.

I thought with my 2 daily aura plus the 5 auras from log in reward , I would have no problem getting a full set to hit 1302 and raid with my friends. Hey guess what, the game is obviously rigged to slow your progress and frustrates you.

The very first run, it gave me everything but pants, I thought ok , 6 more chances, this shouldnt be a problem. 6 runs later and of course no pants, I am now super upset and frustated that this system is in place to stop players from progressing. This cant be just rng, it seems to be put in place to stop players from progressing , idk why. This simply shouldn’t be happening and this is a problem for a whole month now with no solution. I basically did 3.5 days of chaos dungeon (7 runs total, albeit in 1 day) and still locked out of tier 3 content

You let us be able to buy tier 1 and tier 2 gears from auction house in order to adance, but for some reason took away that ability for tier 3 to lock players from progressing. This was discussed and implemented obviously, and someone(s) on the team actually thought that this is a good idea? There is already a really hard RNG factor in honing to 1100 , and you decide to set another rng wall with the chaos dungeon to block advancement to T3 , such a brain dead system because you can’t even pay to win here, there’s literally nothing a player can do when you dont get a full set and you are out of your 2 daily tries.

Meanwhile you claim how you expected more ppl in T3, and you want more ppl to get to T3. Hey how about guranteeing a 1302 armor set in the first 2 -3 runs of chaos dungeon, players shouldn’t be hard locked 2-5 days on the very first t3 chaos dungeon, it literally makes no sense

At this point, as a paying customer, not f2p, I feel like I’m entitled to be sent the pair of pants because this is just ridculous, who designed such a flawed system to lock your active players from doing the content taht your developer strives to have players to do and have fun (t3 contents), this is the opposite of fun

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Yeh, same situation. Tomorrow i hope to finally get my shoulder part as well to advance the character to T3. There’s enough rng in game with honing, stones etc, getting locked out of next tier for not getting a piece from chaos it’s pretty silly.

exactly, I failed 5 times from 1096 to 1100, and had to spent basically 1500 gold to finally advance, and tbh that didn’t bother me at all since honing rng is part of the game and it’s understandable that it would happen, that’s how they make their money

But locking players out from advancing to tier 3 due to chaos dungeon rng, where they have potential to spend more money since T3 is where the game is at, this system is just plain stupid and flawed, and honestly it seems rigged to me that 6 following chaos dungeons didn’t give me pants. This literally will make players quit and im borderline contemplating that right now.