70% Population Drop after the Exploit Lie

Massive drop in population following the lies of a non existant exploit and negative pheons, we’re down to 88k peak in the past 24 hours. That’s 70% drop from our 278k 24 hour peak population.

We’re 60k CCU now after a major update including some bots by the way.


GhostReporting dude its not
real population it’s bots LOL


boters are adjusting scripts :slight_smile:
it will be more give it a day or 2 :slight_smile:


It’s quite possible that they have implemented something against bots in the latest patch, give them few days and they should be back

Yea i’d give the bots like a few days to update.

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how to spread fake news 101

We were always 60-75k CCU, the other 125K were bots.

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It’s more of the bots having to re-patch or getting the ban hammer. What’s disappointing is at peak release of reaper the amount concurrent was about 75k-80k. That’s a 30% increase in players. Which from Aug- to eearly November LOA has been bleeding players non-stop. With dragon flight launching we’ll likely lose the 30% increase due to it being a class release, and probably a bit more. 50k players is still healthy concurrently and on average around 100k-120. But we can see now that bots make up nearly half the player base, if not more with the charts. It’s sad to see. But on the bright side they are banning pretty rapidly. But still.

Yup pretty standard after a patch. First few days you get a feel for the actual player count before the bots update their stuff.

I don’t know about that AGS Hello? This is bots situation today in NERIA!


you’re telling me that 70% of lost ark population have been bots?

Always has been.

Bot system must be updating the script to include the new Gold Vendor and QoL.s Worry not my friend, they will be back.

it was like that since day 1 xD

When you look a steam db graph, the population we see right night seems way more healthy that before with bots, we still have way enough people to play with.
I think that most people might have an opinion to what happened but don’t really care and keep playing and have some fun.

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Steam charts andy strikes again.
Same topic over and over again with new posts.
Stop spamming forum.

“Please be patient; population will come back and we’ll have your gold ready”

Bots still there… they never went away… tbf, I dont really care about em, they are just like NPC’s running around… only dif is that they sell on AH instead of a direct sell… lol

The only exploit for them was, that you could take the pheons with 24 chars…
There is not a single picture with -500 pheons…
And when 95% of the the Playerbase got 30 pheons who cares about the rest

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And everyone already knows this. So stop spreading fake cringe news. Everyone is already aware that we have about 50-80k active players while everything above that is just bots bots bots. If you’re surprised about this or this is news for you then that’s just your fault at this point