7/24 Fever Time?


I wasn’t able to redeem the blue stones from yesterday’s fever time either.

Yea same its gone for me too, and no rewards showed up today

Hey folks, sorry fever time is having issues again, I’ve reported this to the team. Seems to be affecting NA.


Think NAw is fine just NAe is missing

Any update? Still missing on NAE-Azena :frowning:

Bump?? I’m logging out now, i expect these rewards be send to mail for NA east users. Ive been on all day and I’ve not seen it show up.

Any update to this? I was able to claim on US West on Sunday 7/24, but the icon was not visible on US East on 7/24.

Is this going to be validated to not happen again/fixed before the 7/30 - 7/31 period?


It looks like the event may have been cut short over the weekend – will let players know if there are any coming mitigations


Brah i thought i was losing my mind and collected it before lol

Dont want this one to fade away

Also not sure if anyone posted this just but the fever time on 7/23 gave the wrong amount of items. It said 3 chests but only gave 1. Confirmed by about 30 people on NA East Regulus

Bump, still don’t have explanation if this has been resolved for 07/30-07/31.

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any update on if NA-East will get the missing fever time rewards or too bad for us?

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Central Europe as well, Sceptrum server

??? Fever time

Where ya at

theyve been doin fever time? thought that stopped a long time ago.

We’re supposed to have an event for it currently started last week o: