7500 Queue at Shandi

Guess Lost Ark is actively trying to tell players not to play it anymore.

How about fixing the Queue issue first before releasing anything else?

I had a 4k queue yesterday and it took almost 2hours to get in…

Totally agree. Just posted a similar thread. Queue on Shandi didn’t really exist until this past week. What has changed?

queue 7K in 3AM Shandi.too much complain about bots and ags didnt reply did nothing.it must be New World 2.0.ags treat BOTS like family.treat legitimate players like shit.

VPN ban’s result in its finest

Seriously - is it too much to acknowledge everyone’s posts here and provide an update? Perhaps give us hope that a solution is being worked on?

I’ve missed a Wei, more than half of 3 hour PvP Sessions as Log Ins are taking 90 - 120 minutes. I cannot get in for Dailies or Quests either. F**king joke.

And before the wisecracks, I don’t have the flexibility to come home two hours before to log in and Q and wait.

And it’s not F2P. I’ve paid for my aura and express pass, so there’s an expectation that I get to use it.

PS. Also don’t need the EU coming in here and making comment - stick to your EU forums.