7k in queue right now

So I can log in and play. I have about 30 mins time to play tonight because job. Welp. It is what it is, but what really grinds my gears is that there’s probably 10 zillion bots named “xjbwdiwagwd” running around with hacks on and that’s why I don’t get to play.

It hurts worse when you think that.


Lucky you! My wife and I just logged in and are sitting in a 9700+ queue! What the hell happened today to make this game suddenly so popular?

it’s most likely the bots taking up space.


probably post ban rebound, gotta make baby bots from scratch after the older ones were gutted. Mari shouldnt be the worst though, valtan is more popular afaik, the bots should be attacking them more.

Wonder why the lied about banning 1million bot accounts i mean we can see them running around and there are websites that track player count lol.

They create new accounts?

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Lied? They don’t need much to create a new account. Even if they get IP banned, a VPN will fix that. Ban a million, there’ll be a million more a few hours later.

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I’d like them to ban the bots and any account found purchasing gold of one of the dodge sites. Then execute another ban wave and before doing so, prevent any new accounts from being created, until they have the tools in place, to help stop them from being created in the first place.

Coming from the EUC servers, considering how unsympathetic and unsupportive NA forum posters have been for us, all I can say is…Ha!

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lol how the tides have turned…the bots are invading NA now, valtan was hit too

7.8k people in Valtan queue right now? Seems like the people making bots are doubling down and making twice as many. Haven’t seen the queue this high for a few nights - even the weekends.

Banned 1 million bots across multiple regions with multiple servers is rather believable, its just the bots were recreatted and are coming back. Damn jumping to conclusions faster than speedy bots.

But it really makes you wonder if they are technically unable to solve the bot situation (I’ve seen great ideas technical and organizational spread in the forums) or unwilling to give it the proper priority (because more players and higher steam rank sell better in the boardroom).

Both do not bode well for the future of the game.

I have a feeling this issue due to all BOTS trying to get into the game.