8 gunlancer Valtan

I’m curious, as I main a blue gunlancer and can pretty much sleep through this fight whilst having the cool-down for almost every counter.

I can also sneak in so much DPS here and there inbetween the transitions and mechanics in phase 1 as well as phase 2.

The only dangerous mechanic is the grab in the ghost phase (phase 3) which you need to react quickly to, but still relatively easy to avoid once you get used to it.

Anyone tried Valtan with 8 gunlancers? Or 6 GLs and 2 supp for DPS boost?

Idk, but you should do it.

Based on my experience as gunlancer i think it’s definitly possible.

You will just have to keep uptime tho.

Koreans have cleared a legion raid with full destroyer before.

Oo sounds interesting, I might try and put a group together for this tomorrow :joy:

We were 6 sorcs yesterday and did Valtan on first try (no sups). so definitely try it out :sweat_smile:

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I saw a group for it last week and thought it was hilarious. But I would imagine it goes easy.

Did valtan with 8 dps last week since we didn’t feel like waiting for supps. Had mostly squish crew in there (assassins, mages, gunners). So imagine it would be a cake walk for the tank gods

Artist mains in shambles due to their main excuse crumbling away to release their class earlier.

Since players now clear valtan without supports.

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Rotate Nella’s by number and rotate Ultis by raid.

Just remember that Gunlancers aren’t support and Spirit Absorption isn’t a DPS engraving. =D

Sounds like a plan!

Haha yes for sure, I’m currently Barricade, Stab Status, Cursed Doll, CR 1

Couldn’t get grudge at the time I built this about 3-4 weeks into launch, the stone itself was so expensive back then Unless I stuck with T2 haha

I will do barricade, grudge, doll, Adrenaline, CR1 with relic accs when I upgrade :heart_eyes:

please record it, gonna be awesome to watch !!!

My main is a GL and I didn’t even try that hard.
I knew Relics were coming out and it would be a waste of gold in the end.

Even now if I get a good one I’ll probably sell it rather than keep it.
It’s the reason I went 1415 x2 instead of one 1445. I’m patient.

I would love to record or stream it, the only problem is I’m currently playing on an absolutely rubbish laptop haha my one has gone for repairs for the last 6 weeks!

I will record it when I get my laptop back!

You guys should try and get a cool party mix like 2 Blue, 1 red, 1 purple per party or something. Just cause

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