80% of Players are BOTs

Here. this guy will tell you all:

BOTS breakdown + Cheats

(Lost Ark's BOT Problem Explained - This Needs to Change - YouTube)

BTW when I do Adventurer’s Tome all i see is runing bots around. Seems like real players are doomed


Why are we dooomed?

the game is just doomed if it continues liek this, ofc all games had bot issues but any game that had this heavy of a bot issue is dead by now, there was this one other kr mmo that had a massive bot issue long ago, i dont remember the name rn, but all thats left of the game is bots, like literally if u go on it nowadays u just need to get max level and talk to the bots and they will give u the gear to do end game content with, highly doubt lost ark botters would be that generous tho