821k in game during non prime hours

As of 630 am PST there’s almost the same amount of peak players during launch. Its the middle of the week during a weekday ; ; I know people say there’s lots of bots but jesus christ.


The difference between peak and valley is so low…

There are easily 600k bots around! Maybe even 650k-700k.


Absolutely booming idk what you talking about :wink:


Zerkers remain popular, i see :upside_down_face:


actually is my main XD kills me that its the class

Pff, RMT!

we be loaded, 900g XD and still mostly level 6-5 gems.

Bruh, that is like what… 0.72€?

Frikin Whale!

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0.60 according to Vern.

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On EUC there it is at like 8€ for 10k gold now.

It is an all-time low! Jeez…

We are gonna see 0.40 by end of next week in the US I think.

800k players and there’s still like 5 meta accessories (with prices in the thousands, of course) in the AH for bard or glaivier (@1340 no less)

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I wonder if that’s actually due to competition between the botters.

Maybe it is Competition, since there is quit an increase recently.

But then they also seem to struggle less and less with AGS counter-measures.

Maybe they just sit on high stocks!

The bots were very high at launch too, someone had to generate the hundreds of millions of gold that changed hands and went into honing people to 1490 in the first weeks.

We had a lull where people were just playing the game casually since there wasn’t new content to push to.

Now buyers are on the rise (since nobody in their right mind wants to do what’s required to keep up), but they have to keep prices low, so they have to keep increasing the number of bots that make the gold.

Maybe when there are 3 legion raids players will start sticking around and the bots will be less relied on. Maybe when 1415 is a week’s worth of time played, more players will join the game. Not sure how long that’ll take, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we reach a point where only 10% are real players

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this game could have been so much better…but AGS is just terrible. they could even try to advertise the game to attract new players, but nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

They advertise it with inflated player numbers :slightly_smiling_face:

Imagine if these were real numbers…game would be golden

west coast is nonstop 6-10k que for 5 days straight now. thats 5 days i havnt played the game. amazon has made quitting this game super easy for us