90% of endgame playtime is spent completing mundane or faceroll tasks

I have read multiple negative posts about P2W, class imbalance, bots, the list goes on but I personally feel that the biggest issue with this game long term is stated in the title. Literally 90% of tier 3 endgame character progression time is spent doing unskippable non scaling faceroll content and it is going to wear on people more and more as time goes by. I mean just look at your daily/weekly “checklist” assuming you are someone that takes the game seriously.

Una dailies: Sail or triport 3 times a day completing mundane trivial tasks

Rapport: Sail or triport to npcs and emote to them or give them gifts…

Chaos dungeons: Basically a Diablo 3 rift that is multiple tiers below what you are capable of even at minimum ilevel

Boss Rush: Simple even at min ilevels, I have never come close to wiping solo or in a group

Cube: Ridiculously easy 95% of the time, bomb level cluster %@^&s are usually the only thing that can come close to ending your run

World boss: Faceroll zerg

Chaos Gate: Faceroll zerg

Guardian Raid: Interesting on first couple attempts but after learning the patterns they mostly feel fairly trivial especially on further playthroughs. This is assuming you are an average player and don’t fluke into groups of shitters repeatedly. Notable exceptions are the Lions and Alberhastic which ironically most people skip and Velganos.

Adventure Island, sailing co-op, stronghold, capping daily tradeskills, zone completion, Mokoko seeds… - Nuff said

Now I absolutely adore the combat in Lost Ark but I am literally only able to truly enjoy it while doing weekly Abyss dungeons and soon Legion raids or if I feel like pvping. All of these other activities are basically mandatory or highly recommended often on multiple characters to keep up with the Jonses. They take up the vast majority of playtime all while being mostly easy to the point that I don’t even really have to “play” my character or pay attention to what I am doing.

Imagine playing Diablo 3 or Path of Exile except you are only able to queue high level greater rifts or do high level maps for 2 hours a week. Other than that all other content is for some reason capped at levels far below what you are capable of doing as a character. This is IMO how it feels to play Lost Ark.


All you can do is take a deep breath of copium everyday.

Your main needs to be 1400, and 5 alts should be 1370. Than hopefully we have more fun challenging content.

Such a shame that T1 raids and abyss are basically dead content cause we aren’t scaled down. Same for T2, once you move all alts away from it.

But you can prepare now for the great adventures.


We desperately need insta boosts to 1302. Replaying t1-t2 with alts is so tedious for absolutely no reason.


I couldn’t agree more. I’d even go so far as to say most of the other complaints are quite minor. But this is a huge problem, and (along with the standard “novelty wearing off” effect) the main source of the playerbase drain over the past month.

And frankly, I’m not sure it’s going to be better come Valtan. Isn’t it just going to be an extra raid every week, a couple more types of obligatory dailies, and more waiting around?


I think for MMO veterans the content we have seen so far has been very easy, but looking the newest content Koreans have keeps my hopes up that we will see somewhat challenging content in future.

For me personally the most fun content was doing the earlier un nerfed guardians as solo in proper itemlevel, but they are all nerfed to the ground now.

I believe its the Heroic Abyss and Heroic Guardian raids which are the scaled versions of their counterparts. Similar to the event we have for guardians but not faceroll easy

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Welcome to MMORPGs endgame except for the one challenging dungeon/raid now and then.


I agree, it is starting to get a bit boring but I know much of the content isn’t being released yet so I can affort to just be patient. But not everyone is the same.

Love the combat, eh? PvP?

Just let the rested stack and use it, don’t do everything on all your alts.
I came to a point where i let my chaos and guardian rested stack, only do reputation dailies while i’m also stacking una rested on what is left,

It takes ages to do everything on every single alt each day. I rather use that time and play or do something else, chores will never be fun.

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My highest IP alt is like 480 and my main is sitting at 1392, apart from silver income I won’t even need alts till way down the line, sooner is definitely better though, just because I don’t need to hit 1415 yet doesn’t mean I can’t or cant gather the materials beforehand for one big push on the release

Yeah that’s a start, but aren’t those weekly 1x roaster limit?

Oh well I still have faith, I still enjoy the game. But I agree with OP, I hope we get a tight roadmap so the motivation will be there to grind it out.

I’m running 5 characters and can complete 3 Dailies on all of em in under an hour. I do spend time on setting up a Bifrost Network to accommodate this efficiency.

I’m currently just hunting Daily Reputation one page of completion at a time though so, the system I’ve implemented works for my goals.

Only 10 pages to go. Bring it!


Im guessing they are weekly, its hard to find reliable info since game journalists just spam search tags and clog up results.

Once south vern drops there should be a tonne of new content

The problem is the lack of alternatives, and it stems from the way the game is built (with everything being extremely timegated). If I play a game like EVE for example, I could go mining literally all day, or if I didn’t feel like mining I could do archaeology, or if I didn’t like archaeology I could go do incursions, or if I didn’t like incursions I could do faction wars, or go pirate in lowsec, etc. Even in relatively “empty” games like Ragnarok Online I had a choice of where I wanted to farm, whether I wanted to level, make money, or gear my main or alt, and that choice boiled down to literally dozens of different zones.

In Lost Ark your “choice” is “run your highest chaos dungeons and guardian raids twice every day”, and then you have a smattering of one-time content. Stronghold? Time-gated. Trade skills? Time-gated. Islands? All either time-gated or one-time content. You do have some grinding options like PvP but you’re heavily discouraged until you’ve eaten your broccoli done your daily chaos runs. Whether you feel like doing chaos dungeons or not (and I sometimes do) you’re pretty much obliged to run them as it would take you literally 10x as long to reach +15 without them.

I’m not a KR expert, but I don’t see the content coming with south vern changing that.


That’s why i’m screaming in every thread that we need those . They should’ve been here already . 1340-1370 is a disaster . (i’m 1385 by the way and things do get better after 1370 but still , not a lot better) .

My biggest thing is that the game is too segmented in item level to incentivize playing with your friends… This is hands down the most single player MMO experience I’ve ever had. I went back to New World for 2 days and did more meaningful multiplayer content that I had done since Lost Ark released.

Unless you just happen to be the exact ilvl as your buddies and you set a time everyday to do all chaos dungeons, guardian raids, etc. There’s no point in even trying to do thing with friends other than weekly abyss dungeons, and even then I know a lot of people just pug them to get it over with.


Well abyss is also faceroll…

And legion isn’t in the game. Even if it was. It wouldn’t change much.


100% with op, even though I informed myself beforehand what the endgame looked like in Korea. I’m looking forward to it but the dailies are atrocious.

Yea this actually compounds onto the issue I mentioned. Now not only are you doing everything solo because it’s so braindead easy but you have no reason to really make friends or even do things with the ones you have. In the end the game feels like going to a casino by yourself and the chips are the daily chores