90% of endgame playtime is spent completing mundane or faceroll tasks

I think you missed the point of the thread. Yes hardmode abyss, Argos and soon Legion raids are engaging, fun and challenging but the time ratio of doing mandatory and/or recommended joke content to the engaging stuff on any given week is like 9/1.

Not wanting 90% of the game experience to be doable by a drunk Grandma does not make one a “bullshit skiller”


I dont have problem with easy content that is fine. If you want something skill based go play counter strike or quake 3. MMO should be for everyone not only for 1% of players.

Only problem I have with LA is there is not enough content to do for one main. I have 4 alts in T3 but I would play my main more, but there is not much to do.

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I think you just don’t like the game man


They are 5 mins each

Ya I agree. I miss gearing up for fights and finding out ways to win with trial and error and solving it as a community how to beat very hard fights. Even when you figured them out it was at least stuff to do together. Most the time I play with my bro is just me in VC while he’s doing something other than I am . We just bus each others guardians out of desperation. There’s not a ton to do together outside abyss raids once a week. And unless you’re near the same level then you just bus each other through that cuz why wouldn’t you. The combat is mega fun but there’s a severe lack of options for fun challenging content on my main that I can do with friends.

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Nothing they add to the game changes this aspect, its just a core part of getting materials and progressing.

Its not a disaster, its just a longer time period to get out of.
We literally only have one raid to do.
If honing buffs came out on Argos release, people would be sitting in 5 piece argos set a month before Valtan release. Just makes no sense man.

I honestly just wish they would pull a BDO and just let us beat the shit out of endless mobs of whatever level we want as an end game as this point. The instanced content in this game is lame, and the press G content is even worse.


You’ve landed on why this game will “fail” in the West. We expect more than braindead content in video games, especially ones claiming to be an MMO.


Guardian Raids and junk material rates are what are killing the game for me. Having a 5-15 minute fight with 0 feedback on your progress feels like crap. When a group is good and done in 5 mins, that’s fine, but I keep ending up with terrible players that use all the lives and do 0 damage. Trying Fire Yoho solo with my 570 Sharpshooter, 7 minutes in, I finally died after using a bunch of pots and stopped the raid just to see it was still at 65% hp, despite me smashing it nearly non-stop.
Besides the moronic idea of twice a day boss fights with 0 progress feedback, there’s the fact I could only do 4 upgrade attempts on a tier 1 character, after doing boosted dailies… That is with the stronghold research


Lol, “press g content” is such a perfect way to put the “horizontal” content


and the other 10% is spent logging.


What seems to be happening is us hardcore players spending too much time on this game… Like how about we cut our 16-hour daily gaming to 8-hour, and just wait for the casual players to catch up to 1370 while we leveling our alts

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while i respect that you dont enjoy the content.

the gameplay of every mmo ive ever played, including wow and ff14, consists entirely of mundane repetetive and usually faceroll-easy tasks. for raid progression

i feel people dislike it in lost ark because, lost ark doesnt hide it like those games do even when its an identical system


its true

Another issue is that most of the content is really single player, not MMO.

Chaos dungeons? Faster solo for most if not all classes.
Rapport, islands, stronghold, questing, daillies - only solo.
Chaos gate I think even removes parties? Not that they are needed.

Raids, boss rush, cube are nice with friends/guild first time. But then randoms are just fine, because it’s nothing new and no one needs help.

Abyss dungeons which are finally some better content can be done once a week - so if I didn’t organize with friends, I’m stuck with randoms.

Is this really MMORPG, or just multithreaded single player multicharacter grind? :smile:

I mean, all of this was fine for the first time, I even gave developers some cash for crystals I might not use much in the end, but T3 is just abyss of same boredom every day.

I think I might have a bit of Stockholm syndrome with this game.


This is the exact reason why I quit. The most fun I had in LA was pre nerfed early guardians and abyssal dung. It sucked and took a while but felt like we actually overcame a challenge.

Dude, they are on their way to 50k players end of the summer, devs don’t listen.


Yeah the time gate is the only way to milk players for cash

Some people expect hard stuff and less braindead content that “feels” mandatory, and on tge other hand others cry out for nerfs because they feel “mandatory” content is already too hard and they can’t spend an hour trying to complete 2 guardian raids daily because got to zoom and chase as if mmorpg was a race. how about you calm the f*** down, slow ur pace, wtop rqcing with othwrs and enjoy actual game, considering everything to be optional rather than mandatory, for the content we have, i believe we have progressed way too fast, we are getting too many materials, level up too many characters too high and too fast, that also ruined market. buying items is not worth because u will be tier higher next week or have access to bette ilvl gear already, you just miss whole point of this game and devs fucked it up because they listen to such toxic zoomers… go zoom zoom through other games…

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