900+ Hours Played Review - Don't Delay 1415 Content

I would like to start by addressing that the way that I was able to get 900 hours on this game is because I work from home. Not all 900 hours were actively played as I do exercise and eat food away from my computer but a good portion of them were being played efficiently. I would also like to state that I am not burnt out of the game because I am thoroughly enjoying it or else I wouldn’t have this much time on the game.

Getting that out of the way I would like to address the main reason why I made this post. I believe that the game’s progression is a bit slow for the amount of events and materials that are being given away for free. As we recently got news for, South Vern won’t be coming with any new content. For those who have already reached 1400 this news creates absolutely zero incentive to keep playing on their main characters. People argue that by releasing content early the players who geared up fast are going to overflow the market with accessories and are going to take all the gold from the market before anyone else can reach that point. My counter argument to that is that by releasing all these events and delaying content someone who reached the finish line early will just make more alts with cheaper priced upgrade materials and have multiple alts Valtan ready in the next 5 weeks allowing them to make even more raw gold than you can make off of getting lucky from a good accessory when the market is inevitably saturated by the community all making it at the same time.

I personally cannot understand why people feel entitled to delay content until they are ready to run it. If you feel pressured to reach 1415 that pressure is only coming from yourself. Use the motivation to grind out infinite chaos dungeon for materials if that pressure is high enough. The game is not pay to win when there are methods of obtaining the same gear without spending a single penny. You are simply wanting to take the easy route to reaching 1415 by requesting more handouts or swiping for gold to buy them. I believe that those people are very entitled with the way that they don’t want anyone to be able to do content until they themselves are at the required item level to do all new content on day one release. This isn’t Final Fantasy. This is a KOREAN MMORPG. Anyone who has ever played a Korean MMO in the past can without a doubt confirm that they are meant to be grindy which is why you aren’t going to have millions of players constantly playing it because it is not for everyone. I do understand that time is a commodity that some people aren’t willing to spend on a video game which is why I don’t blame AGS for releasing all these events. Even still I am absolutely baffled that the same people who are unwilling or unable to grind the game want thousands of other humans to wait for them because they cannot or will not grind for materials beyond dailies.

I have read other posts about people wanting Valtan to be released early and a majority of the comments are saying “no one told you to go that fast” or “do horizontal content”. Why should I be punished for having time? Why, as a human, do you feel the need to dictate how another human should play the game and spend their time? Casuals scoff when they are told to just grind more infinite chaos to keep up. If you aren’t willing to put in the amount of effort required to reach 1415 in one month why should others who are willing to do so be punished by content being delayed. I don’t believe that there is any pressure to be able to do content day one. if you cannot make it due to time constraints then that’s alright, the content will be there for when you do make it. The accessories and stones will also be cheaper for you to buy when you do inevitably get there through dailies and events making it a lot more affordable to keep up. I would understand the pressure to do content day one if it was like Final Fantasy were there are no KR guides for new raids and memorials (correct me if I’m wrong on the memorial part) for those who clear first. Lost Ark is not a game where you’re going to be praised for completing content first. No one except yourself is forcing you to reach any ilvl.

As mentioned above, people state to do horizontal content to burn time. I do that and still feel the lack of content as I’ve already finished all content I can grind that isn’t time locked behind 24H+ rotations. Releasing South Vern with actual content would be nice as I’d have more things to do to enjoy the game again as I really do like it and feel zero burn out. I’m currently just grinding out adventure tome and random achievements because there is only so much left to do.

I personally was pushing for 1415 using the double +17 method expecting there to be any 1415 content in South Vern but after hearing that we won’t be getting any content I simply started to claim materials on my alts to push them up to 1370 to grind more Argos a week for more gold than the casual can make selling their daily chaos dungeon and guardian raid materials. As events come out to introduce more mats and no content is released to do anything with those mats the people who were creating a demand for the upgrade materials have simply stopped demanding as much. This is one of the reasons why destruction stones have crashed the hardest relative to other upgrade materials. The deflation of gold combined with there being less demand for materials makes it so that those with alts who create raw gold from raids will be the best off. If South Vern had been announced with more content there would have been a wave of buyers who feel motivated to push for new content which in turn creates an increase of the cost of materials giving casuals what they want, more gold. Casuals are only shooting themselves in the foot by asking for more materials with no content which in turn only devalues their tradable enhancing materials.

TLDR : South Vern should be released with content that requires 1415 ilvl. As a casual you should stop feeling entitled to ask everyone to slow down to your pace. The pressure you feel is created only by you. Valtan delay should not be an option. Casuals delaying content only hurt themselves gold wise.


grabs popcorn.


100% Agreed



Waiting for the p2w & no-life/tryhard arguments to come :partying_face:

And the people still living in a world where the “majority” of the playerbase are still in T1.


Since you used steam to define controversial metrics, where are the steam metrics saying that most of the players today are T3?

You’re being entitled. Like any egocentric veteran or player that rushed. Go rest, enjoy your family, play another game. You deserve. You ace the Western version of Lost Ark.

Peace :v:


“Our data has suggested that a big enough portion of our active players will reach, or be close to reaching, the item levels needed to participate in higher level end-game content by May.”

I highly doubt those estimates are based on most people being in T1/T2.

Where are your metrics saying the opposite?




That’s the point. May is not April. Why to be upset now?


can you walk me through where he ever stated anything you claimed he stated? He never even mentioned metrics of players in t3. He used steam to show his played hours. Why is he forced to play another game? Who said he isn’t enjoying his family? Why are you trying to force a toxic narrative that he’s sacrificing something to keep playing? Again. Why should he have to stop playing the game he enjoys, because you aren’t ready?

Only person thats being entitled and egocentric is you.


Cuz he aced the game? LoL! There is no content for him and he is adding urgency to companies release it ASAP. Entitlement


I am not adding urgency. I am simply asking them to not delay it. I am not asking for a speed up of the roadmap. They released a roadmap and I am okay with it, what I am not okay with is others asking for it to be delayed because they haven’t gotten to that point yet. You are twisting my words around to fit your narrative.

My statements regarding releasing South Vern with 1415 content is simply to increase the gold that can obtained from selling materials so that other people can catch up sooner. A lot of people are having issues with even doing upgrade attempts because they lack gold since their materials are worthless and they have no alts to produce raw gold. By creating a demand they are going to be able to sell materials at a higher price than they normally would have been able to giving them more gold to attempt honing.

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Why bother tho, amazon are gonna do it based on the data.

He’s asking the company to not delay the content any further then its already been delayed. Do you need reading glasses? I know some good optometrists. We can get you the help you need. Still havent answered the any other questions though? Where are these metrics you’re saying he’s using to define stuff.


I disagree with most of the things you said except release valtan faster. Maybe then Ill be more willing to hone past 1355.

So, if i summarize :

  1. I flex
  2. I rushed and i am bored even if i say i am not

Conclusion : play another game meanwhile.


i have 370 hours of gameplay, i haven’t spent anything in the game, i have a SH 1385 and a bard 1340 and I already feel like I’m running out of content to do and I also don’t understand why delaying content because of other people’s envy to watch other players making content that they still can’t, even some friends with less than 200 hours in t2 and t3 also didn’t understand how a collective cry caused content to be delayed. When did getting new content stop being a positive thing?

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Releasing 1415 content is the wrong move, It puts unhealthy pressure on players trying to get there and it’s not like there nothing else to do if you’re a hardcore player. I have 965 hours into the game and I can tell you for a fact that I still need to get all my alts to 1370 to do Argos on all 7 of them. All these people saying there is no content in the new patch clearly don’t play alts. Get all your alts 1370-1400 item lvl is the goal for maximum gold and besides that there is also adventure tome which is huge content. When South Vern relaseses you also need to use your feiton pass and level a Glaiver, that is huge content, getting a whole new class to 1370-1400 is gonna take at least some weeks. Hardcore players will always find something to do, just make sure the casuals keep up. That is the overall best move for the game and I am saying that sitting with 7 characters in tier 3. If you’re bored go do adventure tome or do Argos on all your alts.


“he has to be bored because I say he is. He can’t be enjoying the game if he’s played more then me and he’s progressed because im not” :rage:

Conclusion: relearn what a summary is.

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Then what’s next? I mean, we asked a roadmap, and they offered it. Let’s respect it. If they do what you want, rushers will again in a few weeks ask them to add urgency in others content because these same rushers are whales of unused mats/gold. I dont like this urgent feeling. It ruined several games recently.

Anyway, we agree to disagree. Let’s see what they will do next.