9/10 Players are bots in starting Zones

How is that even a thing? And whats the Reason for EAC when it doesnt detect shit i just went back to Rehtramis to complete my Adventure Tome there or at least start doing it as soon as i arrived i was greeted by bots stacked on each other i followed some of them and i cant even keep up on my mount how does the EAC not punish that ? And what is done to prevent that i mean its f2p but still kinda sad to see especially for those that just started playing they wont have any social interactions since its only bots in these areas


You might want to use the search feature in the forum and/or read the latest news.

This topic is being discussed for weeks now and:

  • every MMO has Bots, especially F2P games
  • there is no easy solution to this
  • gold farmers can create new bots (complete accounts) within minutes if not seconds
  • EAC (and other cheat tools) have been cracked for a long time, they are just there to prevent even more bots and are just one hurdle to make it a bit harder

Everything lese can be found in several of the lengthy discussions over the past days/weeks.

I get that every mmos has bots especially f2p ones
sad that there isnt a solution weird though that i reported speed hacking bots in the beginning of the week and they are still roaming around.
If its cracked for a long time why use it in the first place lol?

Like I explained:
Because otherwise it would be even easier. And EAC doesn’t target Bots, it is more targeting “normal” players running some macros (which are also not always detected by EAC).