9/30 - 10/4 Fever event

the enhanced rewards were not claimable for the first 3 days for me and a friend, so i’m just really really confused on how it works???

On day 3 there were pheons, where i would have happily cashed out, but you couldnt claim it. was I just supposed to not play for today? that’s super detrimental.

One of the tooltips said

Blockquote Unclaimed ehnanced rewards are sent to universal storage after the end of the event.

so do we get those 3 days of rewards tomorrow? me big confused.

There is like 20 other threads about this, including many with replies from the CMs.

The daily login rewards (top 4 chests) you claim immediately.
The growth/enhanced reward chest (bottom 4 chests) you only get the highest one you unlocked (by logging in 30 minutes per day).

This was explained in the patch notes on the website.

The in-game tooltips are poorly phrased / translated.

Many players are upset because they would rather have 10x Battle Item Chests instead of a Clown Mask.

Hopefully AGS learns that you can’t put side-grades into these types of growth rewards. Each reward has to be strictly better than the previous one (or they should give us all the rewards).

but i even attempted to claim every single day. the problem isn’t necessarily their clarity.

It’s either broken from how they wanted it to work, or they’re just bad at events/rewards.

I THINK it was made to be a cash out whenever you want type system, but no one could claim so everyone was forced to take the terrible clown mask.

Yeah. Pretty bs.

“Don’t play on the 4th day to get the pheons, play and we give you a useless clown mask”

We definitely got clowned


also theres the fact that a mod and a CM are literally giving differing information.

One says all when event done, the other says it’s working as intended and you’re not allowed to claim them so everyone HAS to take the clown mask.

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I’m really confused at this @Roxx I want a mask, the event just went poof?