96k count current player.. semms like they keep fighting the bot

or this game will be like NW

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Funny, how the first thing that came to my mind was “Neverwinter”. That thing is close to New World in terms of “crashing and burning”.

But is that a bad thing for AGS/SG?

I keep seeing more and more whales around. I hear people having 1460 alts, and those are the people AGS/SG wants to keep hooked with a very slow class release. Those are the kinds of people that spend very large amounts of money on a whim every time a new class drops.


Tell me you don’t know how whaling works without telling me you don’t know how whaling works.

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Whenever there’s no players left the whales won’t have a reason to whale and show off and if you think every class release is going to be a whale fest idk what to tell you. Keep being you my man.

Whales die when they have no plankton to eat.

Haven’t people kept telling those who disagree with amazon’s direction to leave? Well, it’s working.


People with win7 are getting error on start up

Seems like we have a good bunch of win7 gamers.

And some people dropped from the game because we didnt get bikinis.

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Indeed it’s because of bikinis and not other major decisions, I agree.

Sure, if we dont get bikinis in game lets go see bikinis in RL, xD