99 supps, 1 dps? WTF

Just tell me folks, W.T.F is going on with the game and players? trilion supports class, not only artists, bards, paladins too and where T.F. are all DPS? i have a BIG problem finnish Valtan - Vykas with my bard because all, ALL raids looking missing DPS, time to switch DPS but stil, are you really almost all switch from DPS to supp or whats goin on?

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It’s just the Ayaya hype. Many play her now that’s why it’s now „harder“ to get Lobby with supports.

But, depends on Server ofc, it’s still possible to get raids on supps. Maybe not end of week/short before reset. Try it after Maintenance till weekend and you will get groups easy


Just be patient. Another week or two it will be back to where it was. Same happened in kr

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naaah, i use quest event to get my new DPS DB, i like this class, reaper already deleted, i do bad step with that class

if you only look for bard or pally and ignore artist you will notice there is still the lack of bards and pally, almost everyone made an artist that is why lobbies are filled with it.

I have 4 Supports in my Gold roster since month

I did with 3 of them this week as DPS the raids

was easy , i had the DPS gear ( 4x3 minimum, main 5x3)
was hard to find a group , cause you got instant declined instead of cheking the gear
so i made my own groups , easy life , alls 6 Raids were first try things and was fun aswell

the dps increse for paladin and bard is amazing ( especial the new Sonatine spell, 20k crits )

i like that status… all the month people were complaining, about support shortage but didnt make a support on their own , now everyone and his mother made a support
and now the same people get gatekeept
love it

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EUC been like this for weeks or at least the past 2-3month. I always had 6 supports at 1520+ since brel hard came out and Caliligos was already bad before and were always full with supports but now its even worse. Also brelshaza, every group has 2 support already and only looking for dps. My friends did quit the game like 3 weeks ago but before that we could never raid together bc every group had supports so I just told them to go without me and I will just find a party or something which was sad but it is what it is. And when I made my party it took really long to find dps (as I said it’s even worse now). And i don’t think these supports were made just a week ago because most of them are higher lvl like my 6 supports and they are above 1520 with full set yearning etc. SO idk, maybe many support players quit or put the game on hold before and now came back or no idea, but I always saw many supports on EUC at least. But what makes me really angry is when these dps players decline my decked bards with 5x3 almost 1800 main stat full lvl 9 gem blabla for a 3x3 or 4x3 supp with negatives and barely any gems and the one gems they have is lvl 2 or T2 gem ??? like bruv

That is ONLY because Artist started as nerfed, basically very weak, but here in NA/EU it is the normal buffed version, so people will still play her mate.

It’s almost as if support shortage was never as bad as people made it out to be and the sudden influx of artists made people realise how many paladins/bards are already in the game.

The hype will die down after a few weeks as people either settle into properly built/played artists or abandon it.

Same happen in the first 2 weeks of any new class, it happened before, why are you surprise. After a month anyone that like her will stay and the rest move on, or turned into lopang slave

just take a break or do guild runs

Honestly might quit until the artist hype ends, can’t even find a valtan hm fast on my main bard.


First 2-3 weeks are hell until ppl either drop artist or move it past 1490. Then things will get back to where they were

It is not even that, in lobbies I find more groups with Bards / Pal than Artists and they are all looking for DPS.

I guess most people used the powerpass to make a supp?

It feels that way for a reason. But I think it’s also because of the gold nerf. All supports then were parking < 1460 pushed there to do the same content.

it’s hard to explain but since everyone made a support there is now a bigger supply of supports than DPS per roster in regards for the needs of a lobby

once things cool down and people drop their ayaya because they don’t like her things will go back to normal

once aero and slayer are released people might even drop their supports from rotation creating a worse support shortage than what we had until now

all in all
complaining that people want to play something is worth less than the dust under my bed

also quick mafs
in a 6 gold earning roster
if you have 1 support
then you as a player contribute 1 support per 5 dps
a lobby needs 3 dps and 1 support ie you overflow with 2 dps

in a 6 gold earning roster
if you have 2 supports
then you as a player contribute 1 support per 2 dps
as a lobby requires 3 dps and 1 support you underdeliver with 1 dps

as more people have 2 supports in their rotation now with artist (as they replaced their worst dps) it is now harder to find dps
this will change as people slowly move her out of their rotation
either with aero slayer or straight up delete her because they don’t like her

it’s an issue with the way parties are setup in the game and an issue with how gold earners are limited
basically to be neutral you need to play 8 characters of which 2 being supports

and since maybe less than 10% of people do this you will either have a support shortage or dps shortage as classes get released

Playing support characters right now…

I have an idea.
When you make an Argos lobby, don’t make it “LF DPS 1460+”.

I have 1445 SH full relic, lvl7 gems and i had to make my own lobby, because I’ve been rejected from every single one for missing 15ilvls.

There is your dps shortage.


Im lovin this support surplus we have right now. Took 2 of my bards off my gold roster and played my arti and zerk. Insta accept lol but I did not gimped the group, I geared my DPS up. 5x3, min lvl 7 gems, LOS 18… etc… dont wanna be a hypocrite that I was picky on DPS I grouped up with and not up to standards myself.

I’m probably not the only support roster that took a break and went DPS last week.

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this is the good part… once they get tired of the trash (soonish) we are back to the good game…

cant raid with my hard effort supps full yearning lvl 2 1520s lvl 60 all maxed out