A 100% accurate review of the game

I’m 1460 full F2p just bought the Gold Founder’s Pack. Since I saw that the game will launch in NA/EU just started to looking for information about the game just to understand what I have to do at launch.
The alts are very important part of the game. I have 5 alts in T3 (2 1370, 2 1340 and 1 1325) + 2 alts more in T2 (both 1000+). I enjoy the game with my main and my alts but I don’t play with them all days, just I organise myself for what I want to achieve.
I’m in a guild that have a lot of players like me some are 1480 and others have 1420. The ones with high item level are people who spend a lot of time understanding the game like the market trends, honing, collectibles and more just not waste the time. We help the players of our guild to max the efforts to not waste their time doing 20 chaos or guardians.
Just knowing how the game works u can play F2P and be ready for the releasing updates.

It’s all relative. To a player that has a low income they might consider spending money to be a lot of money.

To a player who has a good amount of disposable income, ‘some’ money might be more than some players make annually

I was trying to make a point that since you didn’t RMT, you would have to spend even more for same items.

It always makes me laugh when people say if you’ve hit current content you definitely paid real money.

Me and my friend have played consistently since early access, i bought the gold founders he bought the bronze, we’ve both got extensive rosters (both play only 6 on rotate though) and both of us hit 1460 without spending on anything other than the tier 2 Ark pass.

Why do these ‘reviews’ claim it’s impossible to do this when there are thousands of players who exist who are living proof that it actually isnt.