A ban appeal that went wrong ? or is it the standard service

Hello all,

i have been banned about 2 weeks ago, and in most cases, if someone think they played lawfully they would apply for a ban appeal. Which i did.

Now a bit of myself, i played around 300h of lost ark, i am an amazon prime subscriber, and spent couple of hundred $ on various starting packs and store items.
I have played on and of, only to find myself banned one day, that day mind you i played 30 minutes. Now any sane person wont spend money and cheat at same time, specially in a game that literally offers a lot of things on a silver platter, as long as you are willing to put an effort in.

Now i am not unfamiliar with bans, specially with EAC, because lo and behold it happened in Apex legends, for using a software that i guess 40% of the gamers use, which is Logitech software. Now that ban has been lifted, surprise right ? I mean EA has also not prefect customer service.

And here i am, making a ban appeal, offering my availability to any and all possible information they need to take a correct decision, for then to receive a sorry you were banned, we don’t care for any more , after all we take cheating seriously.

I find myself perplexed, because if this was happening in IRL, Johnny would be in jail right ? I mean, i have yet to see any logs, messages or proof from them that i was cheating. And we do know that they can monitor even what we ate this morning.

Now i don’t even want to mention the usefulness of CS live chat, some of the people there are nice, and some think you are an idiot. But where is the fairness ? Where is the proof? Why wasn’t i asked any info ? Is your software so failure proof that you believe it 100% ? Now i don’t like to make threats, but i do know some people from Amazon as my job offers me some contact with them , i will of course write left and right, maybe i will attract the attention of some people that do care about what is happening, and it’s happening a lot.

Nope nothing gone wrong - that’s just AGS service :man_facepalming:

Same here - Amazon prime customer - soend a bit ingame and ~270h gameplay.

It wouldn’t make any sense for me to cheat bot or whatever, for a game I payed for and I love to play.

AGS service is awful, got only a standart mail back from my first ban appeal (no question answered, I know nothing about the why and they didn’t asked something) wrote another ban appeal answer was: oh we see you already reached one in, everything said bye.

It‘s just a crux…

Btw they didn’t react even to my topic here - where I try to tell them - that they are breaking their own ToS by telling us to use the tool from (which is a VPN tool) :man_shrugging:

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Were you given any reasons for the ban, is that error 10010 (the VPN blockade fiasco) related?

No reason, just that i violated code of conduct.

Hello @brolibestftw;

I’m really sorry about all this situation that you live with this ban. Unfortunately, in the forums we have no access to the information about bans and penalties. To follow the correct path for a ban appeal you need to go to the following link:

When you fill the ticket please provide us with as much evidence as you have so that the team in charge can do the correct investigation about your penalty.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the understanding.