A battle pass for 30euros is INSANE

All this talk about making the monetization models more appealing to western audiences, and then they dare to sell a battle pass for around 30 euros, something that costs between 8 and 10 tops in any other game.

It’s just absurd to me considering the plethora of other shit they already sell in the store.

And the worst part is there’s people around saying it’s “hella worth” or “cheap” trying to normalize this bullshit. It’s not cheap. It’s not worth it, wake the fuck up. I could MAYBE justify it if it was literally full of skins and mounts that stay with you forever and give you the “i was there” braggin rights years down the line… but it’s not. It’s full of mats you just need because of the artificial difficulty put in there by the devs themselves in the form of low % honing rates. They create a problem and then sell you the solution for basically zero effort on their part.

I’ve also seen the argument that it’s like a 10/month subscription, which is also bullshit because your “subscription” is supposed to be the crystalline aura, in case you forgot.

Ofc a bunch of big dick st0nks traders will just come and say they just game the AH day and night and get everything through gold, I just hope they don’t forget to put on their clown makeup before writing said replies.

I guess if you starve people for content long enough, then you really can sell anything to them at absurd prices and they’ll thank you for it…

I’m not impressed. At all.


Its not 30 euros for the battlepass you disingenuous liar
Its 30 euros for the super premium one, which adds nothing but skins and cosmetics


Where were you on Founder’s Packs? Or is it ok to charge higher rates on essentially the same thing?

I think both are fine. The battlepass is free, you can double dip on rewards with the premium and for your “30 euros” price, you get the skins and wallpaper.

Got the exact same feeling after reading this…


The €15 BP is fine… it’s the SUPER BP that’s a rip off.

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Another liar and manipulator by providing incorrect information.

BP is free, 30 euros is what you paid for skins (which you can buy with a blue crystal in the shop).

Stop spreading out wrong information, you are nothing but an asshole


Around 20 euros is the usual price for battlepasses and you will get multiple skins from it and many times even new characters.

there are games, where just a skin / mount / pet already cost 20-30€

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I happen to know that but you still get good stuff from the battlepasses on those game like the stuff i just mentioned.

Honing material dont matter at all since your going to loose all of them in a minute with all your silver and gold

ya you pay 15e for the matts that they give in a lot of events (if you run the race event for 3 months probably gave mor matts) so noting new and make you pay more for the skins. its stupid if you compare whit games that give wepons skins emotes matts an story all for 15e. they must pay a lot of money to youtubers and streamers for them to not be agaist this. its sad see someone defend this type of monetization. there is a need for this? i dont think so. if thy just put 1 tier at 20e. i dont think that would by so many back lash.

I mean, our founder packs are broke so not the best comparison (lawmaker model changed+is undyeable now) and EuW founder pack users never got their character slot.

No your Crystaline Aura is your Premium Subscription
The Battle Pass is the Super Premium Subscription
And the Super Battle Pass is your Ultra Super premium Unleaded Subscription.


Guys… it’s an MMO. Are you really calling $5 a month a huge price for getting DOUBLE the honing mats of the free pass?

You don’t have to buy the premium, you don’t have to buy the super premium that gives skins cos you can blue crystal those skins… I see literally nothing wrong.

Some games have a ‘box price’ of $50-60. Some games have a non-optional subscription model. Some games (Yes, WoW and FF14) combine a box price with a subscription model, optional or not, and that’s usually in the region of $10-15 every month, yet this battle pass covers you for 3 months, how is that “insane”?!

You literally do not have to spend a dime if you don’t want to!

If you base the game off what the bots are doing, it’s more like a mobile auto battler.

i must say i dont know what i should think about this pass.

there is “already” the crystaline aura what are 10€ per month.
Adding a 15€/30€ on “top” of it just feels wrong

In a “perfect” world for me the Premium pass would be bound to the crystaline aura and the “Super Premium” one is extra.

but thats just my 2 cents about it. It is Pay to Progress and the game is “fishing” for all the money it can get from you with “small purchases” “overpaying to get the pass” and “Casino gameplay while upgrading”


the problem for me its that the first paid tier its just a paid event nothing more. there isnt a reson for that tier to exist. and if you compare whit other games its to expencive

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they could put only 1 tier for 20e. but i cant say this. i put this sugestion on the forum and they deleted the post

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How many games have a battle pass that lasts 3 months and happens twice per year though?

Battlepass is 15$ you ape

Thanks for bringing nothing to the table.