A battle pass for 30euros is INSANE

Pretty sure you’re the one trolling
Every battlepass in every game is different with different rewards, there is no determined battlepass rules other than the ones you made up in your head.

No it’s not, it’s 10.

Passes are just a way to add a sub to a f2p game so they can nickle and dime players from all angles.

Whether that bothers you or not doesn’t change this fact either.

The crystalline aura is already the 10bucks a month sub tho, you’re forgetting that fact.

why not give a skin too in the firts paid tier? they gave some for free?
just give something more than just matts. dont need to by a full skin give a weapon or something.
or a make some kind of sistem that allow the people that just paid the firts tier to get the skins of the super premium by playng the game. and change the super premium to give the skins in the moment that you buy. so you can chose to grind the game to get the skins or just buy the progress

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30 dollars for pretty good bundle not worth it, but 10 dollars/euros for box cigarettes or 15 dollar/euros for cinema tickets are worth it. You are hillarious. And tell me in which other game currently there is pass with so many good stuff who cost 8-10 dollars/euros One skin in LoL is around 20-30 euro :smiley:


I brought the same thing to the table as you did… Just an opinion. Although mine was less ungrateful…

I actually do not like passes so you might try to be less defensive there matey.

Point is passes are used on lots of games and its usually in lieu of a sub, the aura thing is them being even more “greedy” so to speak.

google destiny 2 season pass price.
new wepons
new skins
what excuse are you using next

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So the pass is basically just more “pay us money to make the game go faster”? That’s so sad lol

The price point seems fine imo.
The premium one pays for itself basically and if you don’t like the skin offered for super premium is it really any different than ignoring any other costume in the shop?

Why to hide in the corner, for me is not expensive and it’s the same price as many other AAA games. I am giving 60-70 euro for one club night. Maybe you go find better job if 30 euro is expensive. And it’s business after all as any other. If you find it expensive don’t buy it.

You get a mount in the free version of battle pass, a pet plus the free version in the $15 version of the battle pass, and a full outfit plus the 2 tiers below for $30. Battle pass goes on for 2 months or so, so thats $7/$15 a month depending on the tier. The ones who get to complain are SA players who actually gets screwed over by the lack or regional pricing where 1 costume costs half of their paycheck.

You should check out how much you need to pay to get all the good stuff in dota battlepasses
You’ll immediately think SG + AGS are angels :innocent:

I haven’t heard this game. I checked it now in youtube. You compare VW with Ferarri :slight_smile:

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this is a question for whale player and for player that will buy the 30e pass.

it would by ok for you if the first paid tier get the same rewars that the 30e pass but only by play the game.

and(the ones that buy) you receive the rewords in the moment that you buy the 30e pass.

would you guys be ok whit something like this?

Oh Dota folk, I missed the old time… and its bs battlepass.

Well maybe you haven’t play games in the last 10 years. Prices in every big game go higher and higher as everything else include your and developer salaries… Still 30 euro is not much for the rewards in it. Plus you have 2 option, the 30 one is with skin, if you don’t like take the other or it’s expensive as well? The price of the skin separate is the same as the Omen skins. And battlepass here is cheaper then Korea.

we are not in korea, do you rely think that there is a need for a 30e pass in this game? we dont get any story content, any dungeon, any boss we get a skin and thats it.

why not put all content of the 2 paid pass in the firts tiers.

then you can chose to pay for the completion of the ark pass so you can get get the matts and the skins if you whant to. (the price of the second paid tier)

and you can add a diferent an exlusive colour for the skins in the second paid tier so the palyers that paid more can show of.

i think this would have been the right choice

Because that would be dumb lmao. They trying to make money. You don’t like them making money don’t pay/play.