A better solution than nerfing content?

I just wanna say, in no way am I hating on players or the game as I’m currently loving it and I don’t dislike the “casual” playerbase at all, I just think I have a better solution to the problem of players not knowing the mechanics or cant beat them. When I first saw the nerf announcement I had a bad feeling about it, as I think when these players are going to get to t3 they are going to find it so much harder, as they will be too accustomed to the basic skill requirement of beating t1&2 content, so when they get to t3 it would be an even greater leap in difficulty, because of this I think it will make the casuals get stressed out and complain that its too hard, which will cause the developers to nerf t3 content too. I came up with an idea, which is instead of nerfing the content, we should have “learner” matchmaking, where u cant yet do public matchmaking until you beat the “learner mode”, where you get put into the dungeon by yourself, but you are taught the mechanics of the dungeon/boss and how to beat it. I feel like this will be so much better than nerfing the game, and it will make public matchmaking a much funner and easier experience :). I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say :’) i failed English for a reason :stuck_out_tongue: ps. gl on all your honings bois!!