A bit of advice for the lost ark

We all know that the largest output of Snow’s Ark is the Chaos Dungeon.
Because of this situation, there are many studios with 1 dragging 4.

What I hope is.
According to the contribution degree of the account, it is determined whether the output items are bound.
For example, the contribution of your account is 80%.
Then the unbound things produced by your account are 80%.

But if your account is a brand new account, and you just want to brush the soul emperor every day, then what you produce is 90%.Bind non-tradable items.

We don’t want to say that the account we worked so hard to build is so worthless.

It is hoped that this model can maintain a stable value of the account.

How to understand the contribution of an account?
Like some tasks.
The island star of all kinds of islands.
You have to play all kinds of games in the game, which leads to the high contribution of this account.

If it’s a studio
It’s impossible to play with these things.