A change in matchmaking

I would love to see a change to matchmaking implemented where you cannot get more than one support class per team in abyssal dungeons/raids. More often than not one party will have 2 supports and the other party wont have any also I often get 3-4 support in 8player content which is really low on damage and can make it tough to meet certain stagger checks. I really notice the lack of damage when im on my bard and there is another support class in my team.

When we are 2 or more supports we just quit dungeon and re-matchmaking. Suggest you in moment you enter and see 2 support to say “2 supports” and click “quit dungeon” - everyone will click “yes”.
Sometimes this is not a problem (when someone super high ilvl enter in low lvl dungeon and carry the group no matter of others).
im support main and I dont think its so big problem coz it happens rarely.
From other side if there is too many dps waiting for support queue will takes forever.

I d9nt see problem going 2dps 2 suports u just faceroll boss without worry