A change in western philosophy

I hate to break it to you guys but the real goal of this game is to make money off of your impatience. The game is 100% pay to win. This is established. You F2P players already know that the game is significantly harder to progress through because you’re gated by time and resources.

This game is benefitting from the west’s “only endgame matters” mentality and their lack of patience.

Because WoW was the biggest and most competitive MMO in the US for many years, it has been established to be GET TO THE HIGHEST RANK, GET THE BEST GEAR, BEAT THE GAME, BE THE BEST, BE THE BEST, HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER. Ever since this game got popular, immediately people googled tier lists and tried to MIN MAX everything into oblivion because you are simply trying to BEAT the game rather than enjoying it. Its always an ego contest to see who can be the best and do the most damage in a video game when in reality it doesn’t matter.

This game is quite literally built to be a slow grind. You are playing right into their trap and then coming to the forums to complain about how the game is against you and it costs money and that this somehow makes the company MALICIOUS? ahhahaha. I commend them and hope they make more money than they know how to spend. I hate to break it to you, the game does cost money, it is pay to win, it is time gated. You aren’t meant to play 16 hours a day and beat everything in 2 months.

The reason they are releasing new content now, seemingly early, when most people are just getting to tier 3 or are not even at tier 3 is simply to create an artificial stress on the average western player to make you think you need to advance and get to the end faster. You are all playing right into it, creating news, generating controversy, its all free promotion on top of the people who will just pay for it anyways.

ez pz.

The content isn’t going anywhere, half of yall don’t even fully understand the systems. All you people do is watch guides on youtube and think you’re entitled to everything.

I’m going to continue to slowly progress thru tier 2 and make tons of gold off the inflated economy. Play some alts and have fun exploring the world while yall willingly participate in a dead end rat race, get frustrated, and quit the game when the next trending thing appears.

Its just sad but I wanted to lay it down for you guys to give you some perspective when you aren’t looking through the lens of a cutting edge badass endgamer.

chill out yo :slight_smile:

There needs to be a change in western philosophy, you guys need to learn to build things up over time and enjoy the journey of life instead of wanting everything up front RIGHT NOW. You will always be unhappy with that outlook.

Also, stop for a moment and ask yourself… Truly talk with your own brain for a moment and ask if all this is “fun”? Is this worth your time? If you are feeling conflicted then go outside and do something else with your time. These forums are so toxic and its just absolutely sad.


Idl what massjve money your making in T2 but a week there is what i make in just the morning in T3. Theres absolutely no benefit to staying there.


Which has already been a massive success for other games. The west didn’t like pay to win garbage like mobile games. Gachas? fuck off. This is how it was till recently.

You know who is banking over 80M monthy to chinese gacha devs, of genshin impact? USA.

“pay to win”, “gachas” aren’t ostracized anymore. Lost ark being here only further proves this, Black desert too, despite being kinda dead now, after years of success.

This will only happen more and more from now on, cause people pay up

Hey, its working out for me, trust me, and I am having fun~

I’m sorry p2w seriously, you need to learn the meaning its more P2A, I mean what do you win :confused: .

Most based comment right here.

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Its all a means to the same end. You want what money will get you when in reality, if you just played the game for a few months you would be there too.

Crying about honing success rates or not getting enough of what you need RIGHT NOW is exactly what I’m talking about.

Chill out ;p

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This isn’t spam, its a reality check :slight_smile:

This guy selling his T2 mats for pittance while the rest of us in T3 make bank.

Every multilayer game is build like this now. Pc and console devs have seen how much mobile devs are making off those predatory mechanics so now it’s just something we’re stuck with. People just need to stop buying extra lives in Candy Crush for it to go away.

so tl:dr take it slow and enjoy the game

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Honestly you sound entitled and content to deal with an unfinished game. I am fine with a slow release. Hell they didnt even need T3 right away for me. However What I have a problem with is releasing content out of order and not including mechanics, or editing events to have a different timegate/reward structure to FORCE the p2w even more.
I knew what I was getting into with this game. Whoever is making these decisions at amazon is making it worse. If they wanna rush T3 content out make sure all the catchup is in place, and all the endgame activties that were out BEFORE argos are actually out before Argos. They dont do that on purpose and even nerf some of our rewards (stealth nerf for rep too btw)

That is what I draw issue with, not rushing to endgame but them trying to force us mentally to do so and f’ing up mechanics that are already set in KO/RU servers.

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Everyone should already know this.

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I played wow for 15 years. ofc I am.

This actually perfectly articulates what’s going on lol

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I mean fun is subjective. I remember kids who though eating glue was “fun” but hey to each their own.

Exactly. In a way, Lost Ark is the perfect troll of Western tryhard players. I don’t think you could invent a better way to troll them than this. And the trolling is both very well deserved and long overdue.

That, however, is like shaking your fist at the sky. The West is a hyper-consumerist society. The entire thing is based on ginning up the desire to get new stuff, and then having that desire satisfied in the moment. It’s the entire basis of the West. It isn’t going to go away anytime soon, and of course it’s a part of gaming, because the attitude players in the West take into games is also consumerist in nature – seek out what they want, and then do whatever it takes to obtain it as soon as possible. Again, this is the entire culture, no matter the context, in areas that have nothing to do with gaming.

Exactly. Genshin really broke that resistance. I mean there were actually plenty of people already playing mobile games in the West, and just being quiet about it with their “serious gaming community” (ahem), but Genshin brought them all out of the closet. Westerners are consumerist. A consumerist approach to gaming will have appeal here, no question, it just needed to break through the “gaming as amateur athletic competition” approach that tryhard gamers have used to dominate Western gaming since forever.

Lost Ark is small potatoes compared to Genshin. Genshin is the “pro edition” of this kind of business model, lol.

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