A change to Life skills to combat bots

Life skills are a main source of income for bots and having them infest that part of the game makes it less rewarding for players to engage with life skills. Since bots flood the market with life skill items, the price stays low and players life skill energy becomes less valuable. A change here seems important to address

My thought was adding in a restriction that while under a certain threshold, the material you obtain from all life skills is changed to farming materials. This could be an ilvl requirement, a life skill requirement (if you can catch them before they have time to level up the skills ), a stronghold level requirement. A T3 map requirement, all of the above?

-new players would still be able to craft items for themselves but wouldn’t be able to sell the material gained or items made until they pass the threshold.

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No. The main source of gold is Una gold. They PRINT more money from Una than you can imagine.

The fact that they sell mats wont hurt the economy that hart, since they just funnel the existing gold back to bots. But UNA is the real problem. They create money which causes the inflation we play in atm.

If they just would make Una gold bound. Account bound FOREVER. You can use it for Honing and other stuff (like gold shop). It just should never reach the market.

After they change una, they can change life skills idm. But Una ist the MOST IMPORTANT change.


main source right now are una and lvl 1 gem
they already nerfed foraging, fishing and stuff in early stage of the game

honestly when the captcha was there by “accident” they were less bot that ever

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changing this to “Roster bound gold” would hurt real players aswell.

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(1) (2) I do agree on both claims being likely correct. I don’t agree on it’s relevance/importance though.

The bots probably don’t farm all life skills. I suspect they might only farm fish materials, then it’s the players who balance the other trade skill production based on life/gold and time/gold ratios of other classes.

Like the second person said, bots don’t generate new gold doing this. In the process of farming mats, the bots in effect cause life skill mats and everything crafted from those, to be cheaper.

Like for real, some people in guardian raids don’t even bother to use green pots. On EUC they cost less than 3g to craft, and you can quickly craft 90 of them. Or if you want to buy them directly, you can buy them often at 4g. It sucks, because sure the guardians have few respans, but they should be reserved for mistakes. Few mistakes and and one cheapskate can result in defeat or long run, all for the benefit of saving few gold worth of green pots.

Prevent bots farming those, and hp pots, flares etc. become just more expensive. All it’s going to amount to, is to make guardian raids in particular, just worse. In legion raids people would still need to use the stuff and the relative costs aren’t so high there.

Why do you want to farm the life skills anyway, and to whom you are farming it to?

As for una gold, I personally wouldn’t be exited to make it bound. It works if you keep honing. If you aren’t honing heavily, you wouldn’t be able to use it. So again it’s one of these easy things where you try to hurt the bots, they manage to go around it anyway and you just permanently hurt some players.

Making it bound but able to use on crystals, would be a tad better, but still not great.

It would not. How would it?

You need tons of Gold for honing and - if you want - for the Gold shop. There are so many things that requires you to use gold for your own progress - without market access - that you would use the 3-5k/weekly gold in less than a day.

The benefits from the roster bound gold will be a million times more worth than the potential downsides (like using 3-5k less gold in a week to pay for stuff, that has increased in their prices by 200-400% because of bot based inflation).

Spend some time at Medrick Monastery. You’ll generally see a ton of bots running foraging and mining runs. It’s easy to spot once you know what to look for. They path the same and stop at node spots for a few seconds regardless of if there is a node or not. I have yet to witness excavating/hunting/logging but they obviously have the tool set to do it. I bet they have a tool that calculates earning potential base on daily life skill use for each life skill and then runs the bot script for the most profitable. I also suspect the keep the value (currently 40g’s) mostly stable to earn a larger amount of gold rather than dumping all the supply they can onto the market.

The gold to sell to RTM’s comes in a circular nature from selling the stock on market. Calling it double dipping on the una’s gold they just pumped into the market.

According to this website (Forage Leveling Guide Step By Step | Forage Guide | Lost Ark | EASY MARI) and inputting current NAE prices. They can make 600 gold per day to sell via forgaging or 4200 gold per week, per account. It might be lower than that b/c of level of foraging used. Which overshadows the gold earned from una’s tasks depending on ilvl of the main character on the roster.

relevance/importance is clear for me. Lets say you look at a pie chart of all available methods that bots generate gold to sell. This probably accounts for a decent size of that pie chart. While also effectively killing the life skill part of the game for players.

A great example of this is in fish. A ton of players who know the KR market value found here https://loawa.com/shop/trade-shop invested in fish waiting for the day that bots no longer can fish. A large downside to this is that it actively discourages players from engaging in lifeskills b/c other activities are worth more for the time investment.

The rest of the post was strange in that it was trying to justify letting bots do bot things? Which is the equivalent to saying bots should have been able to keep farming the tower for legendary books because they lowered the price on the books,

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