A class with a whip

How about a class with a whip? It’s fairly unique you could get into flails at that point you could make cats of 9 tails (I have one hahah) and other interesting whiped out whips. Just a thought. I couldnt imagine that amount of coding and design it takes to build a character from the ground up especially with the attention to detail you guys put into it so it likely wont happen but with enough feedback im sure it could.


The Happy Hippy From BC


What about a class with a stick that can become small and big like Sun Wukong ?

What if it’s a new race the Monke!

I ike it! Like the monke king! The T.V. show. Used a staff could fall under martial artist. what a great idea.

i think the problem with “whip” is it’s pretty useless against someone with armor

what you need to do with it is make it so it’s not really a whip, it’s like dr strange and he’s throwing out whips of energy and magic

there’s definitely a lot of fun stuff you could dream up for something like this whether it be binding enemies to each other or to walls, or using it to pick them up and throw them at other enemies etc. spinning it in front of you to make a shield, spinning it overhead to make a vortex that sucks enemies in

i think you have a decent idea on your hands here and should run with it


So is punching someone in armor with your hands.

There are rope darts and whips made of chain that would work nice and have cool animations.