A common error that I see when people discuss cosmetic censorship

I want to preface this by saying that I know there IS censorship in the game, clear changes from the west and east versions in comparison. I am not talking about those at all in this thread, I am simply pointing out a common thing I’m seeing within the already made posts discussing this topic

This particular image is portrayed as the skins being the exact same and that the west version is a censored/replaced version of the east version.

When in reality they are two completely different skins, both of which are in the game that we have in the west.

Left and right is the skin that you can purchase with a lot of provience stones from a specific npc vendor, there’s one called Nada in Luterra.

The middle skin is the mage’s Alar skin, a completely different skin that hasn’t been touched at all.

This one here for example, we have (roughly) the same chest and waist-to-thigh with the death blade’s platinum avatar, and the skin it’s being compared to is again a completely different skin, the assassin’s Alar skin.

^ To further add to this, who’s to say that the skin is just not in the game yet? (Like all the rest that we don’t yet have?) That there’s multiple versions of skins that use the same mesh/textures?

I am not interested in any whataboutism replies or discussions about other things that are censored/changed. I already know about the other things that have changed (as I have stated in my preface). I am just simply making this post to point something obviously wrong with these specific images that I see people use when talking about the game being censored.

The bigger issue, is everyone worried about skins being altered, but what’s going to happen when a full year goes by and they only release fully covered up skins and say “well we didn’t edit them” they just withhold the revealing skins completely.