A couple minor details that would make the game better

Hello everyone, I’ll be direct and simple:

1 - An option to move or hide the loot list (it’s not possible atm), I literraly died to an attack that was hidden by the loot list. Or gives us some options to reposition the list to the bottom, top, left or right of the screen.

2 - An option to make the TAB-map sticky, this way it won’t close after some actions.

3 - An option to make the Controller character to shoot where the CURSOR is at instead of where the character’s facing. This would be a great QoL for controller users.

4 - Force move and Force stand still like in Diablo 3, these two options are great and be able to bind it to a keyboard button.

5 - An option to make movement a toggle. As it is right now I gotta HOLD or click the right mouse button to walk around during combat, my character will stop where I clicked. So I’d like an option to click Right mouse button to make my character move indefinetely during combat using skills UNTIL I click it again to make my character stop.
It’s basically using T in combat.

6 - An option to not show any achievments or completed goals while in combat. I almost died to Rudrick because I got some achievment pop right in the middle of my screen blocking all my view.

7 - Make the field boss like Rudrick and Salt Giant to be shown in the mini-map and TAB.

8 - Teleport to party member.

I do have faith that what we type in here will actually be heard if it’s good feedback, time will tell.