A couple skills issues with Controller

been testing stuff after the latest patch and i have encountered 2 different classes skills issues with Controller and specifically regarding the Auto Aim system :

  • Wardancer skill “Lightning Kick” when using the 3rd row Tripod “Flash Lightning” will turn the attack into a Ground Target skill (Auto Aim feature) restricting the freedom of movement that skill is supposed to provide, however before the patch as well as when using keyboard it will behave normally, i can but assume is a bug on the controller side as that skill is not supposed to be a ground target attack.

  • Gunslinger skill “Target Down” before the patch used to track the target when using the Auto Aim feature and now it does not anymore.

Also want to mention the controller used was the “Xbox One Series X” and the patch notes did not include any mention of the aforementioned skills changes so i am assuming it’s an issue that should be reported.

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2nd This on WD Lightning kick, we need it to reposition and having it be a targetting spell completely ruins the skill

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Also wanted to note that hunting with a controller has become a problem.
If anyone knows any tips to make my life easier hunting I would appreciate it.

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Wasn’t the last patch suppossed to fix this issue? I tried every setting after the update and still doesn’t work like before…