A different way to monetise your skins

I think there is a better way to monetise your skins, and this is different packs of said skins.

1st pack - make it cheap on Blue Crystals for F2P, but just the skin alone.
2nd pack - Leave it at the current price, but add some extra goodies such as Gold, Pheons, Crystalline Aura. etc.
3rd pack - increase the price by roughly 10-30 dollars and add the same goodies as above but double the amount with some little extras the 2nd pack doesn’t get.

I personally think, this is a much better way for monetised items to be put into games, as proven with Warframe, anyone that has already purchased the skin should be then back paid the extra goodies, depending whether they stay with the current pack or decide to upgrade to the 3rd pack.

What do you have? You now have 3 ways that can now generate you profits instead of just 1, as some F2P might just think 2-3k BC, meh, I’ll just spend 10-20dollars on RC to convert to BC and get it that way so now the skins cater for everyone…

It will also stop all this crying on the forums from both F2P players and paying players. (Mostly, not definitely)

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I fucks with this lol

I mean, even just doing what they did with the other skins (I don’t recall the name) worked pretty well imho - make the skins that were bought with RC tradeable (they already are anyway for the most part), and those with BC untradeable.

People are either going to like the idea or not, irrelevant to me to be honest.

Its all down to AGS working with SG and decided whether to or not.

This works too. On top of that they can make the BC version undyeable as well so if people wanna dye their skin they can either buy with RC or buy from AH and this will also add value to the items being sold at AH.

Pretty true to some extent although it still really doesn’t incentivise those that play mostly for free and only spend everyone once in a blue moon, this is just an idea that sprung to mind to cater for everyone and can/will work.

I would say the extra goodies would need to be benefit the higher level content players though so giving enough gold, pheons, etc.

On the second pack, add 100k gold just in case so i can see more threads on this forum.

Why not add a 5th one? For 1000$ where they give all the skins in game and +25 weapons.

Meh…would be too much work. I have a better solution: BUY THEM WITH GOLD OR PAY UP like in any other game that exists where the devs didnt spoiled the crap out of their player base.

Why should ‘potentially be labeled as pay2win’ progression items be forcefully bundled with cosmetic? :thinking:
You can choose to just buy the skin and there already option to buy honing materials if you wanted to; from mari shop or growth support packs… so I don’t see a reason to add a repetitive option solely to make the pack you want cheaper… But looking at your suggestion, seems like you would only be interested in the 1st pack, and the other number of packs are just a ‘reason’ to suggest pushing the price of the initial pack down.
Else you would have simply suggested to have first pack normal price but successive packs more expensive with increasingly more goodies.

Nothing is to much work if it can generate more profits. :slight_smile: as the code will already be in place, it won’t take much effort really to repurpose the code.

100k gold, 1k Pheons and 30 day Crystaline Aura on 2nd pack?
200k gold, 1.5k Pheons and 90 day crystalline aura on 3rd? And maybe some other bits for higher content players especially those on relics sets, etc.

I’m a spender kid.

Read the post properly, you clearly have no understanding of businesses and generating more revenue streams, so its probably better you don’t reply.

Here I fixed it for you:

I’m afraid you made some business typos. Pack price wouldn’t be of concern for a spender as you just want the bigger packs. And why price of first pack even need to decrease if more packs were added. Each one would simply just be more expensive with higher tiers of goodies.

As I already stated, anyone elses opinions are irrelevant to my own.

I’m only interested as to whether the CMs will add this to their suggestion list or not :slight_smile: whether they like your suggestion more than my own, is their choice. :smiley:

Or if you want to argue for catering just for us spenders, feel free to create a counter post then AGS can decide whether they will accept either of our suggestions, or ignore them completely. :smiley:

True, I was just touching on one aspect of the thing as a whole, since I personally have no opinion on the rest.

I think the incentive with the skins that were available for both BC and RC was that, no matter how much you like a skin at one point in time you will eventually grow bored of it, so with that in mind those who bought it for RC get the added bonus of being able to get rid of the skin for gold when they are tired of it. Those who bought it for BC will just have to throw it into storage and forget about it when that happens lol…

Nevertheless, I get your point of implementing further benefits, as I said, I just have no particularly strong opinion on it either way.

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I don’t really. This was just an idea that popped to mind and thought I better post it before I forget. :laughing:

This is more down to will AGS do it, or not, if not tough luck on the F2Ps then, either spend or use gold as the current system isn’t changing, and if it means they have to wait until they are cheap then that is just the way it is.

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Facts. But remember, you were the first to mock me and implying my opinion is worthless, because those who don’t offer opinions that align with your specific needs and desires simply don’t understand business.

Also, I never said your opinion or suggestion is wrong or bad. I’m simply stating that store already has cosmetic and honing material; basically what you are asking for but not forcefully bundled together. Bundling them up might be needless work and simply flooding the store with repetitive packs at that point. And even if they did add tiered packs with increasing value, that’s fine, but why need to specify to decrease original price of first pack. That shouldn’t have mattered. Even if you personally felt original price was expensive, this topic is supposedly not about that. But because you felt the need to specify that, to me, it seemed your suggestion was just to cover up that you wanted cheaper packs.

I stated peoples opinions whether they like the idea or not was irrelevant to me way before you came to this topic. :thinking:

Because its a suggestion to cater for everyone.

  • I also know what the market already has, I don’t care, it is irrelevant to my suggestion.
  • Smile Gate already have the code hard-coded in to this game, for these items, making adjustments to bundle them up won’t take to much time, nor will it generate any technical debt.
  • I have never once, in any of the topics talking about the skins said the price was to expensive.

Anyway, have a good day mate. This is now down to whether the CMs pass the suggestion on and whether AGS and SG agree or not.

If they do, well done for catering for everyone.
If not, then F2P buy it with current system in place or don’t have it all it, simple as.