A fair warning to the consequences of the upcoming patch (my opinion)

First, not discussing content here we can ALL conclude one thing - extra materials are always welcomed. And I’m really happy for those stuck in T1/T2 to be finally unstuck (potentially).

Just keep in mind that there will be downsides:

  • T3, you start fresh. Your new blue gear will be quite bad. Most of it will have poor quality with poor stats and mostly none of the engravings you need. If you could buy cheap great gear in T2 to make up a decent build it’s time to forget about it. Welcome to pleb-land - you’ll be there for a while.

  • Some of you will be tempted to buy blue gear/stones from the market, and in doing so, will be throwing away your pheons to the trash can. It might seem like you might have a lot of pheons now but that might not be the case for long. Don’t expect anymore large free pheons “donations” coming your way anytime soon. You will need a lot of those later on, 1370 onwards.

  • Your gold generation from selling materials will plummet into the ground (already has). Next thing people will be complaining about will be making gold, which in reality won’t start happening until you hit at least 1340 and can clear both starting T3 dungeons with at least 1 character. Looking forward to see how the market trembles and people ask “where is thy gold?”

  • As you will be mainly be investing in one character, be prepared for your future T3 chars/alts to be stuck in their worst final form. Running Armored Narcsena with people running full domination/endurance gear will be a treat to behold. There is no T3 tower implemented so don’t expect any meaningful alt progress in T3, unless maybe you’ve got a lot of them.

So, as far as I see it, it is a great plan from Amazon and Smilegate. Instead of giving balanced, permanent content to sustain overall growth, they’ve conceived this “event method” to nerf gold generation into the grounds, reduce the amount of pheons that people have and make them more desperate to spend real money once they hit T3.

At least, that is my take on it. If I’m wrong, that would be great :slight_smile: Regardless, I am looking forward to see how everyone that is thanking Amazon and Smilegate for this great patch reacts to the points I’ve mentioned above (once they reach T3).


I get your points I really do and we could see a sharp rise in people hitting t3 tomorrow. But eventually it will work out and people need to realise it’s not a race. But I am partly concerned with matchmaking t3 abyssals this week :unamused: Also if this new bot prevention works maybe the auction house will go back to healthy and we can start making good gold again…