A feature that Lost Ark Desperately needs

And its honestly embarrassing that the game doesn’t have it yet. It’s clear that the only reason it’s not in the game is a complete negligence from the devs. I have heard rumors that this feature is available in Korea, but for some reason Smilegate believes that the rest of the world does not deserve these fundamental features that make a game playable. All of the groundwork is there, and I am flabbergasted that the finished product isn’t. It seems like it would be so simple to add if the developers cared about their players at all.

Obviously, I’m talking about a restaurant waiter minigame where you take orders from customers and remember what they say and go to the back room pick up the food and carry it back. And maybe there are people walking around the tables blocking your way and more and more customers keep ordering stuff and like the food kinda looks similar so you forget what the order was and bring them the wrong food and there all like “that’s not what I ordered” and get mad and leave. idk I think that would be fun.

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Kind of like diner dash but in LA.
I wouldn’t be opposed to it as a thing to do during lulls or waiting periods, good time waster.