A few questions on mainswapping

Hi all,

Being a true assassin main in every RPG I played, I’m highly anticipating Reaper’s release. My current main (1460 DB) and alt (1370 SH) are both farming unbound mats/gold and my roster storage is slowly getting filled in order to hone Reaper to 1460 on day one (I hope lol).

Since this is my first time doing this, I had a few questions for all the experienced gigachads of this forum.

  1. Are we safe to say that it will take a few days before decent accessories with Reaper class engravings will make it to the AH since this relies on the community’s drops? Would this mean that I will have to wait a few days before being able to play Reaper with a full build?

  2. Is the stronghold training camp the only possible way to generate high XP gains over time so that my Reaper can make it to lvl 59 quickly (since my main 60)? Or is there another trick that I might be not aware of? Asking this to be able to get all the skill points fast.

  3. I know that many people are preparing for the Tripod update. Are we safe to say that I will not be able to prepare for the Tripod changes if they make it to the live servers before Reaper’s release?

  4. Any extra tips when it comes to mainswapping in order to increase effectiveness?

Apologies if these questions might sound stupid. I’m really not an expert. I’m simply a casual player waiting for his favorite class to be released.

Thanks all!

I strongly suggest trying the class on the RU client first if you haven’t before.

You will definitely be able to to 1460 your Repear day 1. That’s totally reasonable. However, unless you’re a whale or have a massive stockpile of gold waiting around, it will more than likely be weeks before you can realistically 5x3, or even 4x3+ your reaper with decent engravings.

Remember that the majority of your high qual Relic accessories drop from Legion raids, which are weekly lockouts. That makes them incredibly rare week one, because it depends on people week 1 pushing their new class, and then getting a drop on their first run.

Any you see crop up will be exorbitantly expensive for at least a month.

Save all your free Boss Rush and Cube chests. Redeem those tickets on Reaper on release. Boss Rush is the single highest XP activity in this game, and will be able to jump your new class to 60 fairly quickly if you’ve stockpiled enough. My Destroyer went from 50-60 in two weeks with combined tickets/raids/training camp and the XP potions from Pirate Ship + Guild Vendor

Correct, Reapers will not be able to take advantage of the one time tripod system update.

Don’t do nothing until your new main comes out. You should do everything you can to have a strong stable of at least 5 characters beforehand. Ideally, at least your 1460 main, and 4 1430 alts at bare minimum (by the time reaper is announced, you probably want a 1475 + 4 1445-1460 alts). This lets you have enough income to actually make the game playable rather than sitting on a bunch of 1370s for X number of months.

Side Note: For maximum efficiency, when Reaper is released, don’t push your alt to max level right off the rip.

Go to 1370, do your Orehas. Then push to 1415, do Argos, after that, push as far as you can, because after 1475 you lose your Argos money.

Thanks so much for this thorough response. Just wanted to clarify that due to my casual nature and IRL commitments, I really cannot afford to play more than 3 characters. I currently have my 1460 main and a 1370 alt that I plan to upgrade to 1415. Reaper will be final character and future main. That’s why I’m planning to mainswap. In the end, my roster would look like:

  • Reaper (main)
  • DB (alt)
  • SH (alt)

I’m doing pretty fine in terms of income though with around 100K gold generated in 1,5 month. A nice amount of tradable mats too!

In my opinion for your questions in order:

  1. Yes good accessories fit for your reaper will take a few days, if not weeks, depends on your budget (gold, pheons, luck stats…). Idk if you have been saving the 1400 accessory chests and stones, but that can also be a good source for your gears depends on how lucky you are. Because every new class released will be followed with high demand for gears and mats. You probably won’t have to wait for players to put accessories on AH if you get lucky with drops from chests and dailies/weeklies.

  2. The stronghold training camp is there to level up alts that you don’t play too often. It is a good source of EXP, and if you have Aura, that will be good for you as well. By now, you should have researched the bonus EXP for lower characters to level up faster. If you already had it, there should be an up arrow on your lower level alt. As far as I know, the most efficient way to level up is just to play the game non-stop, but I assume you already know this. You can also buy EXP potions from various source like merchant ships. do your cube and boss ticket, etc… If this game was a mobile game with auto farm system, you could just let your char farm 24/7 but unfortunately, or fortunately this game ain’t a mobile one. So you gotta be patient when it comes to skill points from Level.

  3. For the tripod system, idk when the new system be implemented, or when the reaper class will come out. But it is safe to say that your reaper will not be able to prepare for tripod since the class and its skills are not in the game for anything to be implemented. And of course the dropped tripod will also depends on your luck and players influence on the AH; follows with high prices, since there is a demand for it, aka you specifically. It sucks!

  4. I don’t think there is a tip for you to main swap since your class is not even on an announced release schedule yet. Just keep doing what you have been doing so far. But if you want to min-max it, you better create more alts. You don’t have to go over 6 characters because of the gold limitation. The reasons are: you can spend pirate coins on each individual character to buy mats from merchant ships. And second, get all 6 characters into guild to farm for bloodstones. Bloodstones let you buy more mats as well, silver, and most importantly cube/boss tickets for gems/silvers/gold from yellow book if you are lucky. If you don’t want to spend money for character slot, try to maintain 6 chars.

I guess the only tip i can give you if you are really desperate to play legion raid reaper on release is to swipe. I’m not recommending swiping since the game can die before reaper even comes out. And please, no matter what, DO NOT RMT.

Also, start saving engraving chests. And check back to lower Tier 1 Tier 2 chaos dungeon trade merchant to see if you have already farmed the engraving chests yet. Some people forgot to get them, and they are roster wide. And don’t forget Anguished Isle farming as well.

I don’t know if I have covered everything or not, since I’m typing this without thinking. If anyone has anymore ideas please add on. Thanks!

my advice would be get atleast 1 engraving that reaper can use to +12 because you can get 5x3 with 1 +12 engraving book and if you come across a good drop like say 5-3 grudge ambush spec accessory save it for your reaper and try to plan out how you can have it setup as fast as possible.
for sure try to stockpile gold because when there is a good reaper class engraving accessory drop it will cost alot. also dont forget to do the challenge guardians to get the engraving books so on reaper realease you can get atleast the +9 book day 1. the other posts above seemed to have covered everything very well just thought i would add this

Thank you @Asterius and @Elixir, very clear responses. Don’t worry though, I’m not FOMO infected and will never RMT (it’s the main cause of this game’s downfall) so no swiping will be involved. Getting Reaper to 1460 day one is surely my objective but the full build/legion raids can wait a few weeks :slight_smile:

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Problem with this is that a 5x3 build with 1 +12 engraving book (which wouldn’t be a class engraving) still requires at minimum 2 relic reaper class engraving accessories with a usable +5 in the other engraving roll.

These pieces are going to cost upwards of 100k for at least a month. Considering OP’s net income is about 100k every 1.5 months, this isn’t really a viable approach for him.

He will have to be content with 4x3 or 4x3+2 at most using 2 Legendary +3 class accessory pieces, which will be much easier to find, given the guaranteed class engraving roll from Oreha and Argos.

(And since Reaper does run Adrenaline, having 4x3+2 with 2 points in Adrenaline should be perfectly fine).

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If you are not interested about playing different classes beside Assassin classes. Make more alts of the class you like. I don’t know if you like DB or SH better, but using alts of the same class you already have can prove to be cheap. If you main DB and make more DB alts, you can give your old gears to your alts to your main, as well as gems and share engraving. But SH will be cheaper for an alt compared to DB

FYI, the biggest regret I have is not having the same 6 characters. If I had done that, I would have all 11 level 10 gems lol. And the amount of resources I would save, holy I’m crying while typing this

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I would love to do that but my only constraint for this is IRL commitments and lack of time. I truly cannot afford to have more than 3 characters, thus Reaper, DB and SH :frowning:

I feel you no worry. It is hard to play games with all the BS going on IRL

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very solid point but still 4x3 +2 would still be really good until prices calm down a little bit i mean by the time reaper actually release this person might have enough gold to say screw it and spend 100k on a single piece lol but very solid point thats worth noting.
either way 4x3 +2 with the +2 as adrenaline is def most reasonable option

You can buy all your accessories now, while they’re cheap, and transfer them to your reaper at the cost of pheons (yikes) might be cheaper that way honestly, and all you would need is your class engraving which you should get from engraving books

uhhh??? How is he gonna buy accessories for reaper when there is no reaper class engraving accessories in the game???

Did you read what i wrote? Buy the accessories then buy engraving books. If he gets legendary class engraving books then he will only need a single accessory with a +3 class engraving

Buying leggo class books for a brand new class isnt all too cheap either

So waiting until the class releases, buying overpriced accessories that everybody is searching for while also buying engraving books is the better route?

Oh, so basically you are telling him to invest in +12 Yellow books for reaper class engraving? Now that makes more sense.

Hopefully he can somehow get all 20 chests of yellow engraving from unknown sources. Jesus Christ…

Also let me remind you that, OP has a 1460 DB. There are high chances that he already used the roster wide yellow engraving chests for DB class engraving. And if not, he will need to save those and park that 1460 DB with no +12 class engraving for a who-know-when-the-class-will-be-released reaper. Unless OP is saving those and bought DB yellow books with gold, which doesn’t change much

Even without legendary books you are 6 nodes away from completing your class engraving. Thats 2 accessories he will have to buy that are +3 class engravings, leaving him with 3 accessories he can buy now for a fraction of the price.

It would make the most sense to do it this way until books get cheaper, even buying a few extra pieces with different combinations of engravings just incase, and sell the ones that he doesnt end up using for a profit

1 it’s going to be more than a few days
2 it’s going to take a while
3 correct
4 i don’t know try not to gear up max on day 1? unless you have deep pockets ofcourse if so then go right ahead