A few tips for your alts and YOU!

Lets start with the disscussion about getting your alts to 1415 or meaby 1430 or should i go 1445 ?
My answear is go for 1460 as soon as you can BUT before that prepair your character properly
And by that i mean getting AT LEAST 4 engravings or 5 if u can afford it
I currently have main on 1510 and alts on 1475 3x 1460 and 1445

Second tip if u wanna save some gold on your alts make the characters u enjoy playing twice just like i did
I do have 2 Wardancers 2 Scrappers and 2 Bards
U may ask WHY ?
Because i already have golden engraving books that i need to use on these characters and by that i mean First intention Taijutsu and Desp Salvation Keen Blunt Weapon and Awakening

With that in mind i save like 100 000 gold or even more for class engravings and another 70 80k for secondary engravings because not every class uses Keen Blunt etc etc
And i love playing these classes.

Another tip - you know the boss encounters on these characters you know where you take damage as a dps most of them time on Vykas or Valtan as a melee so while playing Bard i can give shields or damage red to my teammates because there is a high probability this or that ability will chunk their hp just like me if i dont have space bar ready

Another thing is i already know how to play them really well and i did build 5 engravings on my dps and 4 on my Bards ( only 4 because support Accesories have some stupid prices like 120k 60k per item )

I had different alts before i had Deathblade i had Gunslinger i had Glavier and Artilerist but i realized i dont really like playing these and i feel pain and regret loggin on my Deathblade or Artilerist and doing Argos or chaos dungeons or Oreha. So i deleted these and i made the characters i enjoy playing twice because why not. I had tons of Mats and i quickly upgraded them to 1370 then 4 weeks after being on 1370 they moved to 1415 etc etc

Why i recommend you to get to 1460 as soon as possible
Its simple - you have a character that can farm 11k gold per week without buying any box from the end of encounters - so saying that i have 5 characters on 1460 i generate 55k gold just like that doing weekly Legion Raids and my 1445 alt has like another 9k

Plus its good to be on 1460 and farm materials slowly rather then staying on 1415 and then rage honing to 1475 trying to get to Kakul Saydon which i DO NOT recommend
I got only 1 alt to 1475 because im gonna have 2 static groups for Kakul
But i believe Kakul Saydon will be MUCH harder to do then Vykas Hard on release and mostly it will be impossible because if u enter Kakul on 1475 with 4 engravings and lvl 5 gems you gotta play perfect to complete it and i refuse to believe people will do that on the first 2 or 3 weeks

I think 1445 for an alt is much better, u dont need to spend so much gold to get to 1460 and u can free farm valtan hm and vykasn nm - which is easier than vykas hm and u can do argos ofc too. With the free honings u get u can try to get higher but i would recommend to invest more in alts.

1445 is okay i agree but if ur character needs 4 items from Vykas its 8 weeks of farming its very long time

With that in mind u are completing ur 6 piece Relic in 8 weeks naaaah dude
Having Relic set is a HUGE quality of life Vykas Hard is not very different from normal mode and u get twice the materials and u can buy box for another 5
Thats a big win imo