A Friendly Reminder that You Can Get Free Rapport Items in the Wild!

I recently stumbled across THIS extremely helpful guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/t8frff/do_you_wanna_free_epic_rapport_items/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

As a completionist who is currently working her butt off on maxing out rapport, this has come in handy and saved me some money/gems from buying rapport Items from Mari’s Shop and the Wandering Merchant.

Long story short, rapport Items will randomly spawn in designated spots in (seemingly) random time intervals. If someone else grabs it first, unfortunately, it’s gone for everyone, but it does spawn for each channel! So, if there are multiple channels available for your area, you can switch between them, possibly getting multiple of the same.

If there are any rapport Items that spawn in that this guy missed, please share!



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Quite useful, but I personally completed all rapports by going to lostmerchants.com and just farming the wandering merchants when they’re up. i wanted the Liebeheim rose just for the achievement and it took forever to get just one of them, whereas you can get 11 rapport items on some hours (possibly including legendaries) in 25 minutes if you have enough silver and some useful triports set up across your alts.

This does have an advantage in that it doesn’t cost anything but time, though the merchants also sell cards that are pretty useful (Wei, Siera, etc.)

Hey there!

I also use lostmerchants.com, and I was actually going to make a separate post for it. I’m even a regular contributor (both posting locations and voting on them) for the NA-West, Rohendal server! However, the goal for this post was simply for the “free” ones, specifically.

The Wandering Merchants are great and easy to track with lostmerchants, however, it is very very easy to burn through your silver, especially when you are spending anywhere between 10,000 to 80,000 silver at 4-8 wandering merchants at a time, every 30-40 minutes or so (I don’t remember the exact numbers, so don’t quote me, here.)

Yes, the silver is easily farmed and brought up within a matter of hours to days, depending on your play-style and how often you play, but it is a pain in the butt, none-the-less.

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I’ll add one to this list of free rapport items that doesn’t seem to get put on the list that I’ve seen.

This was especially good when the bots were going strong and lots of channels in the early zones. There is a ghost that can spawn at these 3 locations. It has a pretty good chances of dropping the Rethramis Holy Water.


Thank you so much for the addition! I would love for people to add the ones they haven’t seen shown on this list to this thread!! Let’s make this a hub!!

So you are the reason they are all gone now…
I know sharing is caring. But dont tell if no one asked you. Too easy if ppl get everything on a silverplate. XD