A gentle reminder about Day 15 Login Reward

In the past login event, many people have wrongly picked the orange ticket which is a T2 boss rush ticket instead of the blue ticket which is a T3 boss rush ticket. I get that the orange ticket looks more “legendary” than the blue one hence it must be the go-to pick but unfortunately this isn’t how this game works.


Please don’t pick the wrong one this time or we run into the risk of having more complainers in the forum :wink:


Can’t wait for the “I pick the wrong ticket cause i can’t read, please give a refund” kinda of thread :rofl:


I never open chests, hence I never make mistakes.


The mistake you’ve made is not opening chests.


what if they’re holding them for their main class that’s not currently available?


Then it’d be a shame if they accidentally pick the wrong ticket 10 times in one click.


so glad you’re heading off potential excessive forum posts whew


On a side note… Isn’t our log in rewards kind of stacked? Or does other versions get stuff like all these legendary cards?

I pray for continued generous gifts going forward.

The thing you’ll notice is that they don’t come to read the forums until AFTER they do this to themselves.


Thank you! I needed this

They don’t read the forum even after coming here. They just make a post to complain lol.


Why do you need to read? its the UI fault, amazon / ags fault for sure. People should not have to read anything :upside_down_face:


b…but blue means rare and yellow means legendary… how can i not pick the legendary one… what kind of witchcraft this is :japanese_goblin:

I don’t know why they just don’t add T3 at the end, like (Bound, T3) and the T2 respectively. Shouldn’t be that hard. I am sure some will still claim the T2 one, hell there will be such peeps even if they added T2/T3 to the description lol.

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Why not just give both?

Imagine. But “both” is a dirty word in corporate world. They like either-or, “but at the cost of” and “for the miniscule price of (a kidney or two)”. That’s too much virtual tickets, you may get rich.

Almost as bad as when I recently opened 25 t2 gen chest because I picked the bottom option thinking it was tier like with everything else, but JUST for gem chest it’s in reverse xd

The items have Tier 2 and Tier 3 on them, it just again requires people to read before they pick something right away.

this reminds me of the honing items in event shop when they first came out, all labeled as T3 then ppl say you should be able to tell by the look of the armor.

If I had a blue crystal for ever time I opened up the wrong chest on the wrong alt…I’d be a gigachad by now :see_no_evil::rofl: ty

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