A genuine confusion about the benefits of delaying 1415 content

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First of all, this is not a whining post demanding more content, as I’m quite content to wait a few more weeks to get the next step I’ve been waiting for. Most of all, I’m just curious as to the exact motive for the delay. The announced reason was that not enough people had hit that ilvl to do the content on release, mostly fuelled by the majorly negative response from Argos being released so soon. My question is simply : Why does that matter?

Not everyone is going to be able to do things day one, sure, but is that bad? Surely the increased amount of content would inject more mats into the economy and, by extension, facilitate the average player’s climb no? The main reason I think of the delay as something negative is that I run with a group of people who were early birds to Argos, some of us paid our way, and some of us are just massive tryhards. Why does this matter? Because this means that we’ll have had 2 months of prep time. The most extreme example in my friend group is one absolute nutjob who’s sitting on 6 Argos viable characters, 3 of them are currently Valtan ready and more will be by the time Valtan releases. If the fear was that people already ahead of the curve would be even more so, then I’m afraid that delaying the content may have worsened that issue. We lucky few are already planning to have 1 hardmode Valtan and up to 2 easy mode Valtan runs on day 1. The people who were behind enough to complain about Argos releasing too soon definitely don’t have that kind of prep.

In conclusion, I’m assuming that the delay is simply so that it’s more casual friendly in that people who are more casual can be Valtan ready for release, but I don’t entirely believe that it’s been beneficial in stopping a big divide from forming between the average player and us more addicted folk.

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Oh I know when they’ll kick off, as I said I’m not complaining about the fact that it’s happened, I’m confused about the why it’s happened, and what objective the delay was meant to / has achieved.

This social players are so trash dude, they gnna destroy our game because they play 1 hour a day, meanwhile prob around 100-150k people playing daily with 1400-1415 accounts bored doing p3 argos for weeks.

No more delays, just stick to your original release plan please AGS, have faith in your own plan and dont get trapped by these 1hour players, us players who put effort to get high ilvl are also the same people who are gnna buy your skins.


People complain when argos came to early and they couldnt get 1370, said to delay. Now the same people are 1400+, complaining that theres no content because its delayed. SG and Amazon should just say fk you to those players because you cant please everyone.

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Tbh it’s a confusing notion, that people who play casually would also be demanding that the endgame “tryhard” content be released at a pace that fits them. I personally think Argos might have been a bit early, I was able to run it only P1 on release, P2 on week 2 and P3 on week 3, which felt fine for a new content tbh.

It frankly shocks me that they went to appease that side of the fence, considering it was obvious that these same people would whine at the delay once it was a problem to them. It’s a level of entitled behaviour that’s both predictable and sad tbh.

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Who are these people because every thread i see everyone is saying release the content (?)

Anyone asking for a delay is just trolling.

I mostly mean those who complained enough to get valtan delayed to may. It’s pretty obvious that south vern was designed with the chaos dungeons + field boss + valtan in mind, but was dissected into two parts due to the demand for slower release of content.

They delay it to make the gap between p2w and f2p smaller, thats all, it’s not hard to understand.


Some F2P players need to do content day 1 otherwise they complain that AGS is forcing them to swipe their credit cards.

That was the original plan until they pulled the honing buffs which slowed everything down.

They delay it to make the gap between p2w and f2p smaller, thats all, it’s not hard to understand.
edit: reposted cuz i forgot to @ you

And yet it hasn’t, I’ve seen plenty of whales get bored and gear multiple valtan ready characters and this will only increase the gap once Valtan does release. How big of a gap will there be when whales are running 3x valtan hard mode on release and F2P players are barely doing valtan easy on their main?

It actually helped lol, omegawhales are stuck at 1490 and i was 1370 now they are at 1490 and im at 1430, if they release content 2 fast they will unlock the ilvl cap sooner, thats all, it’s okay i just hope they don’t delay valtan more.

I mean under the assumption that whales are only building one character I’d agree, it would cap them so that low spenders and F2P people can catch up. I simply don’t think that a majority of “whales” are only investing in one character after 2 months of doing argos oreha and dailies, at least from those I’ve met, most of them built 2-4 characters, not quite as hard as their mains, but enough to do valtan on them. Be it easy or hard mode. The increased gold income + material income would be large enough to cause an even greater divide between the average F2P person and themselves (reposting to @ you)

Edit : Truthfully I don’t think there’s a need to close the gap, and there should be a greater focus on getting us caught up with KR version

Remember that Valtan drop relic accs/gear set, If they had released Valtan 1 month ago the whales would have the full set now and the f2p’s were barely getting to normal valtan. That would create a biggeeer gap between f2p and p2w.

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Why do you even care if a F2P player is behind a person who invests money into a FREE GAME.

This logic is like ape dude, everyone knows this was a pay to progress game when it released. Most are fine with it, its just you forum apes that are trying to ruin the game with your useless logic.


And so what? you play content and have fun???

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Tbh u can play 1day and still reach content just those people dont even have a clue whay are they saying. Funny part AGS use those to keep delaying content as an excuse

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