A good advice for those struggling to learn mechanics of (whatever) raid

I don’t know why it is so popular in Lost Ark community to pay attention to bosses’ HP bar count…
I’ve already seen some MMO players coming in from other games, or not even coming but just making comments on Lost Ark raiding videos that HP bars is a bad way to represent the overall HP of the boss. And I absolutely agree. If you want to tie mechanics to certain HP percentages, you’d better make 1 HP bar that represents 100% HP, so that the mechanics would be tied to the visual representation of 75, 25% etc.

Fortunately for us, Lost Ark does a great job of telling players that a major mechanic starts. The boss always has a special animation, most often also a unique voice-over for this specific mech, and usually, before the mech starts, there’s a pretty long animation that is unique for this specific mechanic, and this animation is designed to give you time to understand what you will be required to do 2 seconds later. So the advice is: stop looking at HP bar, and instead just learn the behavior of the boss and\or the arena. Also, learn the sequence of mechanics, like the first one is swamp, then swords, then cleanse and typing etc. Instead of learning that “at 123.5 bars you need to stand in the lust pool instead of dropping it outside” just learn that you need to do that after the typing test.

I am so tired of looking at people in learning groups who are like: ok so this is 123.5 bars, this is 75, that is 98, OK I GOT IT LET’S GO and then just failing to even understand what’s going on. I mean, if you are OK with that - do whatever works for you, this is just an advice if you want to try something different, and potentially - more effective. I think that the reason why people in guide videos always talk in terms of HP bars is that it is very hard to explain in words what animation is gonna play and what sound effects etc., that’s why they give you HP bars. But for the actual experience - it is very easy to process this information that comes to your mind in a visual way.

I never ever looked at HP bars and it’s not even important here to say that I’ve been consistently clearing all raids available, but rather that my learning process is way faster than for most people, I think. Most of the times I clear the raid for the first time in a reclear group after wiping with learners, and obviously perform very well. And this approach, alongside other stuff, is the key.

It also helps in situations where you quit the game for x weeks and then come back. I don’t think you’d remember all of those HP bar values for every major mechanic of Valtan, Vykas, Clown. But knowing what to look for visually will enable you to immediately perform at your best and avoid unnecessary wipes.

To give an example of how important this could be for some people: while learning the Clown raid the only mechanic in gate 2 I had problems with was pizza, and I could not understand why, because it is the most basic type of mechanic being experienced in many places in the game, and more so, the specific variation in G2 Clown is one of the easier ones. But soon I realized why - it was because I was the leader of the raid, and I have a habit of looking at siderial bar before using the siderial skill to avoid unnecessary mistakes. I was looking at our Inana for a split second while using her, and loosing that split second every single time we’ve tried pizza led me to fail my positioning by half-an-inch and cause clowning resulting in wipes. Next pull I forced myself to use her without looking and concentrated on the arena. Flawless execution. Just like that, every time you consult HP bars you waste a split second on looking, seeing and then processing what number you see, instead of actually playing the game.

Hope this helps somebody.

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