A good idea . robot will end today

In the long time,
robot’s growth depends on the acquisition of gold coins.
first one comes from the novice task. the changes to the reward apparently had a temporary effect. But it doesn’t solve the problem completely.
Now the way the bots get gold comes from roster mission.
If you look at most robots they just do Roster Mission ( Chaos Dungeon mission ) to get gold quickly, they do it three times to get 36 points ( Two roles get 70 points About three hours )
This is a task that we players won’t do. Rewards are useless .Deleting or changing this task will end robot infestation.
This fight needs everyone’s support for the good of the game.
If you see this message, please support it.


@Roxx Please see this suggestion

I actually do them on Alts sometimes when I run out of time at the end of the week.
Which can happen if you only run chaos/guardians every 3 days and don’t get tickets…

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Do you need these rewards? You don’t think about Cube or Boss Rush?
Cube gives you a lot of silver . Boss Rush gives you a lot of Leapstone.

No, I am not.

Boss Rush is Priority One and Two, gaurdians are prio 3.
If I get 0 Boss Rush tickets, I usually finish on Cube and one Chaos. (I HATE HATE HATE PVP…)
And yes, that happens if you run 4-6 Chaos Dungeons a week with a character instead of 14.

Do I NEED it? Well its more than a Lopang Quest and those I have to do additionally - this one I get for free.

Yes. So no player is going to do Chaos Dungeon three times in a day.
every player is like you ( Boss Rush is Priority One and Two, gaurdians are prio 3 ).

removing this will change nothing. Bot will just go to next most efficient option as they don’t care about efficiency.

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That’s a good point, they could look into that

Rly ? it wont change anything, they will just other missions. Owners dont sit in front of computer so they dont care anyway …

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yeaah i see your point. if you dont have enough unas points at the end of the week… but still its not a bad idea, maybe it can be worked on somehow to accommodate the (albeit few) people that actually use those weeklies

Not actually about points - I have 10 Chars - I usually have them on day1.
But if some characters still have a quest open on Tuesday/wednesday (I always accept one of everything on Thursdays or whenever char gets played first in the week)

Will not change anything.
They should actually stop making it “harder” for bots until they find a permanent solution to get rid of at least 90%.
Making it harder for bots only means there will be more bots running around to compensate the loss.