A Good Post by Roxx, Info Flow Feedback

I didn’t really know where to put this post in, I wanted to add some feedback regarding the flow of info from you CMs to us, and highlighting a good post made by @Roxx

I’ve seen a lot of posts where CMs address the current situation but not a lot of people watch the dev tracker and they mostly watch twitter or official announcements.

Post by @Roxx addressing the current situation

“I understand that “we’re working on it” can make things feel slow and frustrating, but right now we are working through some things, and these changes can and need to take time. The original roadmap was pulled because things moved to fast and were planned out before we had real player data to take into account; I think a lot of the reaction to Argos has made that clear. Now that that has been realized, we are taking our time to scrutinize the next decisions we make and the path forward. I understand the desire for speed, and my job is certainly a lot more fun when I get to share news, but with this new learning experience under our belt we’d rather do things right than do things quickly.”

This is just my speculation, but the roadmap was most likely made before or a short time after release. But because player data and player expectations was contradictory to what AGS/SMG thought, they probably had to scrap the old roadmap and make a new one. Making a new one would explain how they can take weeks to release the roadmap that we’ve all been dying to see.

Now for my suggestions :

  1. Dev tracker in the forum should have a language filter system, meaning posts in other languages should be separated from posts in English for clarity.

  2. URGENTLY Address the current situations through an official announcement or a tweet in twitter since most of the players dont read forum posts (And by doing this you can calm the players that are panicking for the lack of communication also finally giving us answers).

Thanks for reading the post. Keep up your spirits CMs