A humble guide to fix EU

This suggestion would allow players to enjoy the game instead of being in endless queues.

  1. Apologize the launch has been handled poorly. Say that only together we can make things right.

  2. Announce EU to be relaunched, all player data wiped deleted.

  3. Wipe the data next day.

  4. Split-up the current server names between two EU regions, add additional servers.

  5. Recommend Asta for German. Trixion for French. Wei for Spanish. Zinnervale for English. So that players can avoid different client languages.

  6. Resend all the founder/twitch/pack rewards, crystals included.

  7. Headstart compensation for founders: 1x powerpass, 1x name-change, 1x character-change ticket.

  8. Launch compensation for all players: 1x powerpass ticket.

  9. Give players a generous apology gift.

  10. Pray the queues are gone so that players are busy playing catch-up.

After that everything should be sunshine and roses.


Yeah let‘s just wipe ten thousands of hours played.

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No, definitly not.

A minor sacrifice for all those hours that are being wasted in queues.

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Although I understand the intention this would be unacceptable for all players which progressed quite a lot. you can’t just disagree the time played. Time is money.

and for christmas u want a pony, a ferrari and maybe a helicopter

I mean, you can’t just say “wipe everything”, maybe for you it doesn’t matter - prolly not 50 yet or couldnt play due to queue issues - but that’s just stupid. Let alone the ppl that took time off to progress etc - what should they do? U gonna ask their boss to give em the days off again because u wanted a wipe? :smiley:

EDIT: and calls it “humble” lmao

This will not work. Some people already put a lot of hours into it and they will not want to loose it.
Me personally i don’t care, not able to play almost at all since Friday due to maintenance’s and insane queues.

Although the idea here is great, there are only couple of seriously valid points.

  • Language tags on servers. Why was this overlooked in the first place?

  • Server changing. If anyone in any point wants to change their servers, they should recieve founders pack/twitch prime/twitch drops again. Just make the content bound to stop abuse. Nothing makes me want to spend money on a game that just makes the content disappear right after I’ve decided to buy it.

  • This is way too much, I know it, but account (seriously on an account level, not roster or server. Atleast region) bound cosmetics. Couse oh boy, if I want to change server for any reason I’d just love to lose everything. I’m fine with character progression, but actual stuff bought with real money just makes the company look greedy. I’d like to spend money on the game to support it, but at the moment there is little to no reason to spend money couse I have no idea when I’ll just end up with nothing to show for it.

i have 70 hours played and i am tier 2 in progression. and i think hell yeah wipe the servers clean this is the only way going forward.

what are maybe 3 to 4 days progression after level 50 in comparison to not having queues → nothing.

you thinking the queue will fix itself magically with a new region and you not switching server is quiet delusional. well it will fix itself once enough players quit the game…


I laughed a bit, thanks for the post.


:heavy_equals_sign: :interrobang:

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Wiping servers is never a good idea unless absolutely last option. Queue times never call for last options.

The idea behind just give everyone free founder boxes opens up abuse later when they get server transfer work out.

A wipe would remove all the items from the duplication glitch of the founder’s chest some players exploited, some have like 3 platinum and 3 lawmaker skins which is bs.

Dumbest post this week. Congratulations.

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Understandable as a theoretical approach, but the reality is that they would never wipe live MMO servers to address queue issues. They’re not going to “hard reset” EU Lost Ark.

The EU-West has been opened so… it’s all queues now for foreseeable future. But thanks for reading the topic!