A live broadcast of a Chinese RMT anchor advertises and modifies the game. It is recommended that you use VPN

Steam account

People in his guild all RMT and modify the game


well @Roxx so they ban this account lol

RMT is unfair to our ordinary players. It’s unfair to charge money to the official

i hate RMT

They came right after the maintenance


Nice RMT guild

this guy must be banned.

4x 1490
2x 1460

And AGS thinks this is legit? I don’t know how accounts like this don’t get filtered out. Probably because such a system doesn’t even exist. Amazon too greedy to get 50 people for minimum wage to control certain “checkpoints” in the game like a gamemaster and banning bots - while also looking into shady accounts like this one until EAC gets updated and new anti BOT/anti RMT systems get implemented into the game.

They just don’t want to or don’t care. You can’t tell me it takes months to either hire people or implement a system that deals with this crap asap.


It’s stuff like this that makes everything I do in game feel meaningless and reinforces to never spend money on this game.


Bingo. They are towing the line so people don’t quit, but if Japan is any indicator, nothing is going to be done.

If New World is any indication, and I think it is, there are nothing coming and they don’t care.

RMT is the reason I stopped playing. Either I bot, or buy RMT gold, that is the only way I will be able to keep up.



all like this in his guild

He organized guild members to beat valtan in next week, all guild member are rmt TO
1490 and make money

They wont get Banned.

Guilds have been reported for doing this for weeks.

AGS will at most give a 3 day temp ban.

They stay silent on these issues and the players continue Botting / doing RMT

It was the same in new world. AGS let streamers openly exploit and teach players to exploit with no bans. Some of the streamers continued to do this while even sponsord by Amazon.


Saw this person in an abyss dungeon yesterday.
I thought it was a bit weird to see someone with a high ilv but no gems.

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@Roxx We really need a respond on this, please just let us know that this is ATLEAST on the team’s mind and is addressing it. It’s getting out of control.

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How do they RMT island souls?

3 day bans xD.

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yeah they don’t have the proper systems in place to monitor this properly, nor does smilegate.

this is just a normal player.