A lot of CONS. Let's look for PROS?

We all want each of our classes to be released as soon as possible. Me for an instance wanted both Artist and Scouter ASAP since I like their gameplay from looking at various Korean streams. Unfortunately not only do we get one of the least wanted classes but we also get info that there’s only gonna be one class every 2 months…

Sooo maybe instead of being sad and quitting the game because “my class didn’t got released and won’t be in a year” you should play classes you enjoy at this very moment. If you don’t want to level them up, sure you do you and save all the mats for your character and level it up once it gets released. I for one like my Gunslinger and will continue maining her while also saving a couple of mats for the Artist and Machinist. With the Glaivier release I was hyped for her but then got disappointed with her gameplay ( just not my type of playstyle to get this straight :slight_smile: ) so I’m leaving her at 1340 maybe level her up later to 1370 for more weekly gold. Basically focus on saving mats if you enjoy at least one class. Not telling you to not leave the game just looking for pros :slight_smile: .

Then we have the “middle finger” from AGS in the form of the upcoming skins banner. The “middle finger” I’m talking about is both Summoner and Reaper being in front of all other classes in the banner while not being released ( and it doesn’t look like we will get them in the next 3 months ). I know it’s hard for those who really wanted to play those classes and then see this because I am one of them and so are my friends. But maybe instead not buy skins and save up some money on the upcoming content or just buy the skins for the characters you like playing.

Also another PRO is that SmileGate is ( slowly ) trying to fix the bot issue that ruins the game for some or most players by making mats from Chaos Dungeons roster bound. I like this update but I know some prefer selling those mats and buy the opposite ones with them ( or do other things with it like buying skins :slight_smile: ).

I know some might disagree with me on maybe even every argument I made but I feel free to discuss it with y’all since I do love the game so far and don’t want it to be dead. Let’s not lose and be positive :smiley:

Reality doesn’t change based on how positive you are.
The reality being a good bit of people will lose motivation to continue to do chores for 8 months.

They had it roster bound in other regions before. ours were the only version which had it tradeable

Everything in the patch is good except for class release schedule. I already have my class, but I feel for the people still waiting.